Dynamic Forces collects "Scout"

Official Press Release

August 26, 2004, Runnemede, NJ – Adding another classic property to their growing and impressive roster, Dynamic Forces, Inc. announced today that they had struck a deal with creator/writer/artist Timothy Truman in regards to his masterwork – Scout!

Items planned for production include: Scout Collections, Posters, Lithographs, Statues, and Action Figures.

Scout, originally published by Eclipse Comics between the years of 1985 through 1989, told the story of Emanuel Santana, an Apache warrior doing battle with crooked bureaucrats and mythological monsters in a post holocaust United States.

The title earned several fan nominations for "Best New Series" and "Favorite Artist," and won a Spanish "Haxtur" Award. Scout proved to be popular and influential. Native American readers and educators have applauded the book for its respectful, but non-patronizing portrayal of Southwestern Indian culture and beliefs. Because various names, issue titles, plots, and themes in the book frequently paid tribute to rock and blues music and musicians, SCOUT was also a favorite comic book of rock musicians like Jerry Garcia and Carlos Santana, both of whom Truman would later have the privilege of working with.

"Tim is a giant in the field, both as a creator, and as an artist," said Dynamic Forces President Nick Barrucci. "I'm extremely proud to add Scout to our list of DF Definitive Editions, and looking forward to re-presenting this powerful, landmark series – as well as new Scout merchandise -- to a whole new group of fans!"

"I'm very proud of Scout," Timothy Truman said. "He was very influential on 1980s comics. He's really the sum of many influences. Along with GrimJack, Scout is probably the work that most defined my style.

"Let Neo-cons beware -- Scout is back!" Truman warned.

"We're extremely pleased that we can bring Scout back to a new audience," Arrogant MGMS head Mike Gold stated. "This is a vital project, and among Tim Truman's very best work in his career. We are very pleased that we can join forces with Nick Barrucci and Dynamic Forces to help make this happen."

Look for more information on the release of Scout merchandise – including pre-order information – in the weeks to come!

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