Dynamic Forces celebrates 10 years with HSN show February 18th

Official Press Release

Get ready comic fans, because the first show of the year is the biggest, and the best show ever! On February 18th, 2003 at 11PM EST Dynamic Forces will be making a special birthday appearance on HSN debuting some of the coolest comic book memorabilia ever! And not only is this a birthday celebration, but a Daredevil Movie Premiere celebration as well!

Dynamic Forces will be premiering everything from a Marvel Premiere Daredevil Giclee Signed by the two greatest Editor-In-Chief's of all time ­ The Mighty Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada and Legendary Stan "The Man" Lee. This beautiful Giclee will not only be signed by Quesada, but features a DF certificate of authenticity and is fully framed and ready to be hung in a place of honor in your home. Collectors wait all their lives for pieces of art like this, but thanks to DF, you don't have to - you just have to wait until February 18th at 11:00 PM when Nick Barrucci brings you the biggest comics show in the world!

We're also showcasing the Hulk vs. Thing Lithograph painted by John Watson, with a little something extra on each piece by Mr. Watson -- it's our Birthday and we are bringing you the presents ­ and the surprise will be unveiled on the show! Watson, an up and coming painter from the UK, has recreated the classic battle between the Hulk vs. Thing from Fantastic Four #'s 25 and 26 with the two titans pounding each other in the middle of New York and the Avengers and the FF in the background.

Think we're done? Not even close! It's our birthday, but we're bringing you the presents! Therefore, we have the Marvel Millennium Lithograph Signed by John Estes and featuring all of the major Marvel characters that have prospered through to the new millennium -- the X-Men, Daredevil, Hulk, Spider-Man and more! Wait until you see this painting signed by Estes (and the extra bonus he's added to this baby!)! This one is not to be missed! This show will feature a Lucky 21 Starter Set and this Set is going to be the most ambitious of the year featuring Signed 1st printings of Batman #608 signed by super-star artist Jim Lee himself! And since it's our B-Day, we're adding in extra guaranteed books including the Ultimate Daredevil and Elektra #1 1st print that's sold out everywhere ­ all for under 20 bucks! We're also offering our world-famous 40 books for $40.00 which usually includes a minimum of 4 guaranteed books in each set, but this time, because it is our 10th annivers!ary, we're guaranteeing 10 Books in each Set! The fun factor in this is now multiplied by 10!

Now, we can't tell you everything we're preparing for this Birthday Blowout, but we do need to let you know about the awesome Mighty Marquee Birthday Set. Usually in our B-Day sets, we give you approximately 8 items with super signatures and sketches that you can't get anywhere else. Well this time, we're preparing 15 ultra cool books including: Adventures of Superman #600 Signed and Remarked, Detective Comics #627 Signed and Remarked, the X-Men Movie adaptation Signed by the creators of the movie, the Marvel Knights convention book featuring over 10 signatures including Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada, Daredevil/Spider-Man #1 Signed by classic Spidey artist John Romita and Uncanny X-Men #325 Signed by X-Men movie producer Tom DeSanto and the man of the hour . . .. . X-Men co-creator Stan "The Man" Lee!

What a show!

Well folks, looks like we've run out of room to tell you everything that's going be happening on HSN February 18th 2003 at 11PM EST(and that's 8:00 PM for our fans on the West Coast) for our premiere show of the year, celebrating our 10th anniversary, and featuring coolest comic collectibles on TV! Be there or be square!

For further information check out http://www.dynamicforces.com/htmlfiles/hsnpress020503.html

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