Dynamic Forces Brings "X"-Citing Comics Collectibles To HSN!

Official Press Release

Runnemede, NJ – Premiere comics and entertainment collectibles company Dynamic Forces is at it again, bringing another spectacular selection of signed comics and collectibles direct to your living room! DF has put together a pair of full-hour programs – and leading off the excitement will be the X-Men on HSN for October 1st beginning at 1:00 AM EST for a special sneak peak hour of comic collectibles show, and then again at 9:00 PM EST for the main event!

Look out, true believers! DF has traveled the course of Marvel Universe history, gathering all of your favorite characters and creators, including Stan "the man" Lee and Alex Ross! Need we say more… How about the original "raider" - John Romita, the definitive Spider-Man and Daredevil artist! Marvel's very own editor-in-chief (arguably one of the greatest editor-in-chief's since Stan Lee himself, ladies and gentlemen!) and fan favorite artist Joe Quesada! Captain America co-creator Joe Simon! Variant covers! The founder and father of the New X-Men, Chris Claremont! Allan Heinberg, writer of Young Avengers! (in addition to Gray's Anatomy, The O.C, Sex and the City, oh, the list goes on!) in one of only two books we've been able to get him to sign for us! Astonishing X-Men artist John Cassaday! Dick Ayers, classic Fantastic Four artist! The man who has worked on just about everything Marvel, Al Milgrom! The man who brings color to comics :-) And really NICE color to Steve McNiven's comics - Morry Hollowell! The Luna Brothers! (who draw beautiful women!) Artist Extraordinaire Ron Garney! And the list goes on!!! In fact, the only thing more exciting would be having a comic convention in your living room!!!!

The first show is a special preview for all the late night "dynamic night-owls" out there, as DF's very own Brian Hofacker will present a special "preview hour" at 1:00 AM EST. This late night show will showcase some fantastic comics and collectibles topped off with fan favorite signatures. Then DF President Nick Barrucci will hit the air at 9:00 PM EST for the "Main Event!" bringing audiences the very best in comics and collectibles- with some very special treats for new fans and for old!

To make these the ultimate comic and collectible programs on HSN, DF has brought in a rich, diverse array of signatures ranging from the golden age of comic creators to today's hottest stars. We've gotten in touch with the most legendary creators and current superstars to design exclusive packages available for these special HSN shows! We've even gone back and re-purchased exclusive items that were sold to retailers as both shows will feature Giclees – the ultimate high-end collectible, Signed Comics, Marquee Sets, Starter Sets for comic fans and so much more! And keep a sharp eye out, as some of the packages will include some special Halloween treats! (or will just be a treat at very special pricing!)

Commemorating the DVD release of X-Men: The Last Stand, DF has two very special exclusive packages! First, what's the only thing that could make owning all three X-Men movies even better? How about the signature of Magneto himself, Sir Ian McKlellen! That's just one of the four items in the X-Men Premiere Movie Trading Card Set, which also features writer Greg Pak's signature on the Top Cow variant edition of X-Men: Phoenix Warsong #1! (Premiering on this show). Then, they're the best there is at what they do -- Len Wein, John Romita and Herb Trimpe! DF pulled out all the stops and brought together the tri-fecta of legends - the creators that gave us everyone's favorite canucklehead, Wolverine, in a Classic Wolverine Creator Set featuring the creator (Len Wein), the designer (John Romita Sr.) and the first artist to draw him in a comic (Herb Trimpe)!! But wait, there is more, as what would an X-Men show be without the signature of Stan "The Man" Lee - the man who co-created the X-Men, the Avengers, Spider-Man and so many other characters!

Mr. Romita also helped DF celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the classic Saturday morning cartoon, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends! "Jazzy" John teams up his signature with Captain America co-creator Joe Simon, the incredible Al Milgrom, and New Avengers artist fan favorite Oliver Coipel (on a b&w sketch edition variant of New Avengers #23, no less) in the Spider-Man Family Set Featuring Matching Numbers! And these matching #'s will be the first 200 #'ed copies in the series!

The Giclees featured in these special shows include two Alex Ross masterpieces; The Punisher in all his blazing glory, and the characters of the fabulous Marvel Comics of the 1970s. Giclees are one of the most valuable kinds of reproductions a collector can own. Dynamic Forces Giclees are high end reproductions that capture every detail of the original humanly, mechanically, or technically possible. Quantities are extremely limited! How limited, you say? Well, DF originally had sold all of these Giclees to an online gallery, and we had to beg and plead to get 15 (that's right, only 15) of the Punisher's back for this show - and each one is signed by Alex himself. Fans, don't miss out- once these works of art are gone, they are gone for ever!

Does this sound like too much to contain in only an hour? Well, Nick and Brian are going to have to talk fast, because what would a comic show be without the signature of one of comics greatest creators - Stan "The Man!" Lee! The co-creator of much of the Marvel Universe from the '60's (and some before) - Marvel's first "Marvelous" Editor-In-Chief! And DF is giving fans a "Choice Of" Signed Comics Sets and signed comics from the biggest and the best!

So be sure to tune in – and tell your family and friends (post on your favorite website, chat room, message board or blog) – Sunday, October 1st beginning at 1:00 AM EST with Brian Hofacker, then 9:00 PM EST for Nick Barrucci and Dynamic Forces– only on HSN!

(And don't forget about HSN's Sister Network - America's Store, Sunday, October 1st at 3:00 AM EST, and 1:00 PM EST!)

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