Dynamic Forces Brings Eduardo Risso's "Borderline" To The World

Official Press Release

February 8, 2005, Runnemede, NJ. -- Dynamic Forces today announced a comprehensive deal with Eduardo (100 Bullets, Batman) Risso concerning his Borderline property with writer Carlos Trillo. The deal is the first in a series of licensing agreements forthcoming from the company, concerning individual creators and their properties.

"Eduardo is such an incredible talent, and we're very proud to make this announcement first," explained DF President Nick Barrucci. "Eduardo is truly an artist's artist. We've been friends for years, and putting this deal together for Borderline is personally very gratifying. Readers will be amazed by this cinematic epic which spans 600 pages. For those fans who like gritty crime noir such as Sin City and 100 Bullets, this is perfect for them!"

The deal allows for Dynamic Forces to handle a variety of worldwide licensing and merchandising including all media rights, from film, TV, internet to video game rights for the property. Negotiations with partners are now commencing for all available categories.

Borderline has been described by Harvey and Eisner Award winning creator Risso as a sci-fi post apocalyptic story that openly shows the miseries and kindness of Humankind. "This work is very strong and very personal", Risso explained. "I am very happy to be working with Nick and his team at DF to offer this series in the United States and the rest of the world!"

Look for more information on the release of Borderline in the weeks to come!

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Eduardo Risso was born in Leones, Argentina, in 1959.

He did his first professional work for the daily paper LA NACION and the magazines EROTICON and SATIRICON. In 1981 he started working for COLUMBIA editions pencilling series like EL ANGEL and JULIO CESAR. In 1987 he did PARQUE CHAS, with writer Ricardo Barreiro. The series is published first in the anthology magazine FIERRO, in Argentina, then in TOTEM (Spain), COMIC ART (Italy), and as a hardcover in France, Germany, Denmark, Belgium and Holland.

In 1988, he again worked with Ricardo Barreiro on CAIN. The same year he drew FULU, with writer Carlos Trillo. It was published in PUERTITAS magazine in Argentina as well as Italy, France, Germany, Portugal and the


After this, he continued his association with Trillo and several series followed: SIMON: AN AMERICAN TALE (Italy and France), VIDEO NOIRE (Italy and France), BORDERLINE (Italy), and CHICANOS (Italy and France).

In 1997 he did ALIEN: RESURRECTION for DARK HORSE and other works followed by several short stories for the VERTIGO imprint. He teamed up with Brian Azzarello on the miniseries JONNY DOUBLE which led to the creation of the multiple Eisner Award winning series 100 BULLETS.

Currently he draws the hit series 100 BULLETS and recently completed a highly successful run on BATMAN with the critically- acclaimed BROKEN CITY storyline.

He has won the EISNER award and the HARVEY award as Best Artist.


Carlos Trillo is a versatile comics writer who worked with many famous artists. Trillo wrote his first scenario at age 20 for Patoruzu magazine. In 1963 he made his professional debut and took on several editorial jobs. Ten years later, he became art director of the satirical magazine Satiricon. However, this magazine was forbidden by the military dictatorship in 1976. In 1975 he wrote 'Un certain Danari' for Alberto Breccia, followed by 'Chavez le Fou' for Horacio Altuna. He then expanded his comics activities and started writing for several magazines (El Pendulo, Humor, Superhumor). He continued his collaboration with Altuna with several stories, such as 'Charlie Moon', 'Merdichevski', 'Les Petites Portes de M. Lopez' and 'Slot Machine'. He also teamed up with artist Domingo Mandrafina with such titles as 'Histoire sans Paroles' and 'El Husmeante'.

In the 1980s he continued his comics activities, writing for Jordi Bernet ('Carnage Plus', 'Light and Bold'), Eduardo Risso ('Fulù', 'Simon', 'JC Benedict'), Madrafina ('Peter Kampf', 'Cosecha Verde') and Juan Giménez ('Gangrène'). In 1992, he took 'Cybersix' with Carlos Meglia, a series about genetic manipulated creatures, and 'Spaghetti Brothers', with Mandrafina. He also wrote 'Chicanos' for Risso, a series situated in the Spanish ghetto of an American metropolis. After meeting a CIA agent, Trillo was inspired to create 'Mon nom n'est pas Wilson', which is illustrated by Walter Fahrer and published by Casterman from 2000. Carlos Trillo is a master in realism and social criticism, which makes him one of the best Argentine comics writers.


Now entering its 13th year of business, Dynamic Forces continues to break new ground and create new and exciting product from a variety of licenses and a variety of business partners.

A licensee of DC Comics, Top Cow Productions, Classic Media's MAGNUS and SOLAR, Revolution Studios' HELLBOY, MGM's ARMY OF DARKNESS, T2, Hasbro's G.I.JOE, Jim Starlin's DREADSTAR, Howard Chaykin's AMERICAN FLAGG!, Frank Miller's SIN CITY, Joseph Michael Linser's DAWN, Mark Millar and JG Jones' WANTED, Doug Moench and Paul Gulacy's SIX FROM SIRIUS, Tim Truman's SCOUT, RED SONJA, CONAN and many other industry giants, DF continues to set the pace in the comic collector and comic memorabilia markets. Recent product line expansions includes: action figures, vinyl and poly resin statues, lunchboxes, trading cards, lithographs, giclees, apparel and much more!

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