Dynamic Forces Announces Ramona Fradon Art Book

Official Press Release

One of the first female comic book creators, Ramona Fradon, finally gets her own art book, the "dynamic" way.

Long time fans of Metamorpho, Aquaman , Aqualad, Plastic Man, The Fantastic Four and Super Friends are quite familiar with the work of legendary artist, Ramona Fradon, but not until now will they know the whole story of Ramona's incredible career in comics, as Dynamic Forces is pleased to announce the upcoming Ramona Fradon Retrospective.

For the first time ever the DEFINITIVE retrospective of Ramona Fradon's 45 year career will be presented in The Ramona Fradon Storyteller Book. The Ramona Fradon Storyteller Book will be a hardcover book with over 200 full-color pages to highlight the magnificent career of artistic legend, plus never-before-seen sketches and character designs.

Written by Ramona's comic book industry colleagues, Howard Chaykin and Walter Simonson (yes, THE Chaykin and THE Simonson!) this comprehensive collection of articles and interviews will celebrate Fradon's artistic career, accomplishments and creations from her the early days at DC in the 1950's to her later work on Marvel's The Cat and Fantastic Four and DC's Plastic Man, Freedom Fighters, Super Friends and more. The Ramona Fradon Storyteller Book will also take an extensive look at the characters that Fradon co-created such as Aqualad and Metamorpho, plus her acclaimed work outside the super hero genre, including Brenda Starr, a comic strip about a glamorous, adventurous reporter. Fradon was inducted into the Comic Book Hall of Fame in 2006.

"We are honored to have this opportunity to present the career of one of the most celebrated artists in comics," stated Nick Barrucci. "Ramona Fradon co-created some the greatest icons of the comic book worlds and her style is timeless. She is an inspiration, and when speaking with Howard (Chaykin) and Walter (Simonson), the passion that they showed convinced me that this is a great project to work on. Fans who know Ramona's work will love this retrospective piece and new fans will be astonished by what Ramona has accomplished. And to top it all off, having legends Howard Chaykin and Walter Simonson put this book together makes the project something truly special."

The Ramona Fradon Storyteller Book is scheduled for a late 2009 release.

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