Dynamic Forces and Marvel unite to raise money for NYC Charities

Official Press Release

Dynamic Forces and Marvel are creating three exclusive limited edition itemswith all funds to go to the city of New York's charities involved with the September 11th Charities. The three items start with the sold out HEROESbook, which will be signed by Marvel Editor-In-Chief Joe Quesada, Jae Lee,Neal Adams, John Cassaday, Adam Kubert, Tom Palmer, Evan Dorkin, and others.

Joe Quesada and Marvel's editorial staff have put together one of the most amazing and powerful books of all time. This book has sold out everywhere and Dynamic Forces was proud to work with Marvel to create the signed edition. Every penny that Dynamic Forces collects will be forwarded to New York charities. This is one of the most tragic events that has happened in the history of the U.S. and Dynamic Forces and Marvel are fortunate enoughto be able to help out our country in its time of need.

The creators of this special one-shot put out some of their mostunbelievable work of all time. Everyone from current high profile creatorssuch as Joe Quesada, Jae Lee and John Cassaday to classic artists such asNeal Adams, Tom Palmer and more have put the best into these images. These creators have not only donated their time, their blood, their sweat to help raise money for our country, but they are now doing a double duty by signing the book and donating their time and signatures. Only the New York based creators are being asked to sign this tohelp get this book out immediately to help raise the funds as soon as possible. Please join us in helping out our nation in this time of need.

The second item is a lithograph painted by one of the comic industries most impressive painters of all times: Joe Jusko! This lithograph features a perfect painting of Captain America saluting our fallen heroes! Joe painted this with the special request that all the money go to the New York City Police and Fire Department Widow and Orphan's Fund. This litho is premieringon the Dynamic Forces website. Do not miss out! This will be available both signed and unsigned by Joe Jusko.

Joe Jusko has covered comics's history for the last twenty years. Each imagethat he has drawn over the years only gets better and better. Joe is a creator who has never lost his beat, and this one piece stands out as one ofhis single greatest achievements. The fact that Joe Jusko was so emotionallydrawn to the situation, being an ex-New York City Policemen himself, but geographically being far away, he did the only thing he could. He put his emotion into his work and his craft and created one of the most unbelievableimages of all times. Dynamic Forces is proud to turn this awesome image intoa lithograph. Joe Jusko has donated his time, Marvel Comics are donating alltheir fees and Dynamic Forces is donating every penny to the New York City Police and Fireman's Widow's and Orphan's Fund! With the fans support on this will allow us to raise a lot of money from the comics industry.

Third in the line-up in this triumvirate of charity raisers is by Randy Queen, famed Darkchylde artist! Randy has drawn a stunning image of the Incredible Hulk holding up a little kid at "ground zero" ready to defend ourcountry with the men and women of our service. This is Randy Queen's first drawing of the Hulk and when Dynamic Forces saw this, we knew we had to turnit into a litho! Randy wanted to raise money for the New York charities including, but not limited to, The American Red Cross and The Twin Towers Fund.

Many of you know Randy Queen as the creator of Darkchylde, a man who draws women better than almost anyone else, but today Randy drew the Incredible Hulk in the middle of the tragic events from September 11th, ready to defendour nation. His craft is perfect and it shows in this litho. Again, Randy and his team of inkers and colorists drew this image and have waived allfees so that the people of New York, a city that he feels very close with, can behelped as much as humanly possible.

For more information on these money raising projects please check out the Dynamic Forces website. This is a time that all of us as individuals can only do our best, and the comic industry is banning together to do so. Please go to http://www.dynamicforces.com, Dynamic Forces has put these images on the homepage of our website to make it easier for your to review and get yours today.

The Marvel HEROES book, both signed and unsigned, is ready to ship immediately. The lithographs unsigned will be ready by the end of October and the signed lithographs will be ready to ship in November.

Marvel has raised to date over $250,000 with the unsigned Heroes book and Dynamic Forces has raised to date over $20,000.00! This includes the CaptainAmerica: 225th Anniversary of Independence Lithograph by Dan Jurgens and Jerry Ordway and advance sales on the Marvel Heroes Book signed edition.

Now that Dynamic Forces is placing the Marvel Heroes signed book (and unsigned edition) and the other two lithos on our website, our goal is to raise as much money as possible for these charities. Please help us in thisgoal and check out http://www.dynamicforces.com

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