<b>Dynamic Forces and Mark Millar on QVCUK May 2nd</b>

Official Press Release

April 25, 2003. Runnemede, NJ -- On May 2nd, beginning at 7:00 PM (That's prime time baby!) -- and a follow up show on Monday, May 5th beginning at 9:00 PM -- DF President Nick Barrucci will be in the U.K. with a special guest for two fun-filled hours of comic book and X-Men related collectibles! We're bringing the authenticated signatures of the mighty X-Men creators that work on these ultra exciting books; Everyone from X-Men co-creator Stan "The Man" Lee, Marvel Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada, Jae Lee, Mark Millar, Chris Claremont, Sir Ian McKellen and more!

DF will also bringing you some of the best Trading Cards (everything from Crimson to Top Cow), DF Lithographs (featuring the X-Men, Spider-Man) and other collectibles including the DF Exclusive The Darkness Prelude CGC-Graded Edition plus an unsigned copy for your reading pleasure! This Prelude is limited to only 5000 copies in the world, and the CGC-Graded Edition is much, much more limited!

Now, Nick's hosting these shows, but since this is a Mighty Mutant Madness show, we're bringing in our special guest -- Marvel's own resident mutant, Mark Millar LIVE on the air May 2nd beginning at 7:00 pm! Mark's mutant ability to appear on TV and to write comic books (he's currently got 33 issues of Ultimate X-Men under his belt!) is the stuff of legend, and now you will be able to see his mutant power in full-force, LIVE!

What can we do to top that? Well, DF is bringing you the X-Men: In Homage to Jack Kirby Lithograph Signed by artist Alex Ross. While Jack was (and always will be) the "King", fellow Marvel Bullpenner John Romita, Sr. was the definitive Spider-Man artist, and Dynamic Forces, for the first time ever in the almost 8 year history of flying over to QVCUK, presents a Spider-Man: The Romita Legacy Acetate Cel Lithograph Signed by Romita -- Fans will not want to miss this! And when you're talking about origins and the greats of the Mighty Marvel Universe, what would be better than having the Wolverine: Origin Hardcover Signed by Stan "the Man" Lee (especially with Wolverine playing such a prominent role in the X-Men Movie!). This is one not to miss and these limited editions are the last Dynamic Forces has in the world! 'Nuff said!

Or maybe not 'Nuff Said ! The X-Men have gone from the 20th to the 21st century, and to commemorate we've put together an X-Men Marvel 21st Century Package -- one of the premiere Starter Sets to get in the shows! But wait, there's more - Good vs. Evil face off in X-Men #25 Signed by Andy Kubert, featuring Magneto vs. Wolverine (just like in the original blockbuster X-Men film), and Magneto #1 Signed by artist Tim Townsend -- and wait until you see this special price for this beautiful baby! Then there's also a package with Uncanny X- Men #304 Signed by John Romita, Jr.,

Fans should know that we're not even close to being done! We're bringing over an Avengers vs. X-Men Lithograph that's twice as big as our regular Lithos and measures 24" x 36" AND it's signed by both creators -- Tom Smith and Tom Grindberg. But it gets bigger and better for the fans who love Marquee items, as we're bringing, for the first time ever, a Spider-Man Lithograph, not only painted by Greg and Tim Hildebrandt, but featuring a full-body Spidey sketch on each and every lithograph! That's an original hand-drawn sketch bringing you, the fans, an original piece of artwork!

DF delivers the DC goods as well! We've got the larger than life heroes like Batman, a DC Marquee Set and so much more! From the signatures of Jerry Ordway, Martin Nodell, Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee! Also, the Buffy Big Bang Bonus Set with Comics signed by Harry "The Mayor" Groening and Spike and Dru signed by James "Spike" Marsters. Will this be the last time DF is able to bring these to QVC? Could be rabbit! And of course, the U.K.'s own superhero - James Bond will be on hand with his own collectible collection!

These will be the BIGGEST shows ever, so don't miss out May the 2nd beginning at 7:00 pm (Just an fyi for those fans that saw the ad in Comics International, the May 2nd show has been moved up to 7PM!) with Special Mutant Master Guest Mark Millar and Monday, May 5th beginning at 9PM with Nick Barrucci as DF and Nick show you they're the best they are at what they do, just like a certain hairy mutant from the X-Men (and this time, we're not talking about Millar)!

Check out www.dynamicforces.com or www.qvcuk.com for more information.

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