Dynamic Fathom Cards Expands with New Images

Official Press Release

The upcoming Dynamic Forces: Fathom Premiere Trading Card Series will feature nearly 40 new images including several by such fantastic artists as Mike Turner, Talent Caldwell, Brian Ching, Randy Green, Andy Park, Joe Benitez, Keu Cha, Billy Tan, Art Thibert and Greg Horn created exclusively for this series! This scorching hot card set, the first ever based on Michael Turner's incredible Fathom series, is scheduled to be released this summer and will feature almost 40 new images by some of Comicdom's hottest new artists.

Frank Mastromauro, Top Cow's Director of Sales and Marketing and editor of the Fathom Card Series says, "As the first couple of cards were being turned in, more and more artists were seeing the results and wanting to do one themselves. What started off at about 20 brand new cards quickly doubled in about a months time. The artistic talent now contributing to the set is just incredible. This will be THE card set to pick up this year!"

"The design work on the cards is really turning out amazing," adds Fathom creator and artist Michael Turner. "Each one looks like a miniature framed work of art. They're definitely not your average trading cards!"

Dynamic Forces President, Nick Barrucci says: " I can't believe how well this set is coming together. With so many awesome new images by some of Mike's colleagues and friends, this set will be one of the biggest trading card releases of the year! Don't miss out on one of the top trading cards of the summer, with all these fun-filled cards!"

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