Dynamic Comic Creating Duos! A Top Ten

The Top 10 Writer/Artist Teams I'll Read Anything By:

1. Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely

2. Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips

3. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

4. Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon

5. James Robinson and Paul Smith (Which gives me a shot to beg them to do more Leave It To Chance. Please guys! My future kids might like it as much as I do!)

6. Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore (I've pretty much read everything they ever did)

7. Stan Lee and Steve Ditko (Same, at least Spider-Man and Dr. Strange. I guess there are some monster stories or something)

8. Steve Engleheart and Marshall Rodgers (Still need to get that Dark Detective mini they did in '05)

9. Chris Claremont and John Byrne (well, except that JLA run they did. I won't read anything either guy's done since 1991 or so as a rule. They simply ceased to exist in my personal continuity around then. A wizard did it. Or Wizard.)

10. Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey

Honorable Mentions: Morrison and JH Williams III, Morrison and Phil Bond, Morrison and anybody he worked with on Seven Soldiers, Morrison and JG Jones, Morrison and Morrison. Oh, and Claremont and anyone he worked with on X-Men ever, as long as it was before he left in '91 and I can't be nostalgic anymore.

x-men dishwashing ad krakoa
The X-Men Create the Perfect Weapon - Against Dirty Dishes?

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