Dylan Meconis on how she funded <i>Family Man</i>

Cartoonists don't usually pop up on money blogs, but at American Express's Currency site, Douglas Wolk talks to Dylan Meconis about how she financed the print edition of her webcomic Family Man. Basically, she says, "I asked the internet very nicely," and her fans ponied up $11,000 to cover costs. Meconis explains why she didn't use Kickstarter, and delves into nuts-and-bolts issues like health insurance, her next big purchase, and her other work:

What's the biggest misconception people have about cartoonists' finances? I'm sure some people think that we're all just rolling in that sweet Internet money. But there's a lot of background work that you don't get to see as a fan, because it's just freelance engagements: a lot of commercial illustration, a lot of educational comics and corporate comics, to explain a new business process or do a training manual or something. A lot of companies want that cool graphic-novel feel—to keep people awake during a PowerPoint.

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