Dwyer/Remenders's 'Black Heart Billy' trade coming from AiT/PlanetLar

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIF. (April 17, 2002) Publisher Larry Young announcedtoday that AiT/Planet Lar's upcoming August book (available at thisyear's San Diego comic book convention) is BLACK HEART BILLY, by KieronDwyer, Rick Remender, and Harper Jaten. AiT/Planet Lar book designer andcover artist Brian Wood turns in his tenth cover with this project.

"I have lunch with my pal Kieron nearly every Wednesday," said Young,"and a few weeks ago he let slip that he'd always wanted to finish upBLACK HEART BILLY, the three-issue comic book which Slave Laborpublished two issues of before unceremoniously pulling the plug. Heasked me if I wanted to collect it as a trade paperback, if he and RickRemender and Harper Jaten rounded out the series and offered up the'lost' third issue. I was a little skeptical at first, I have to admit;I didn't immediately see the charm in the book. But I was on the phonewith Bri Wood and told him we were thinking about putting out the BHBtrade. 'You're mental if you don't,' I remember him saying; then heoffered to not just design the cover, but produce new art for it aswell, since he was such a big fan of BILLY. I re-read the first twoissues, and by the time I got to the corpse of Jerry Garcia in a Nazirobot body, I guess I was charmed into it."

"It has always been my dream and my goal to be the first rock-and-rollplaying, time-traveling astronaut-President of the planet Earth," saidBHB co-creator Dwyer. "Instead, I decided to do BLACK HEART BILLY withRick. Has it been worth it? Only you, gentle reader, can be the judge.Bring on the Eisners!"

"BHB is an extension of the inner evil in my mind," said BHB co-creatorRick Remender,"But he's NOT evil. He's just frustrated. He's frustratedby every hypocritical, self-important pea brain he runs into. Unlike therest of us Billy goes one step beyond thinking about doing somethingabout it…

"We've decided to go with AiT with this project for several reasons. Themost important reason, of course, is the photos Larry has of us.... Imean, AiT is without question getting large numbers of people to try newand inventive approaches to comic storytelling. Their library ofproducts is diverse and interesting. THAT'S what I meant to say," saidRemender.

"BLACK HEART BILLY has been a favorite of mine since day one. True punkrock comics," said cover artist Brian Wood. "It's an honor to do thecovers for the AiT/Planet Lar collected edition."

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