Dwyer & Remender's "Night Mary Awakens" at IDW Publishing

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San Diego, CA (April 19, 2005) Outwardly, Mary Specter is a fairly typical seventeen-year-old girl-a bit sullen and withdrawn, with the weight of the world on her shoulders. But with Mary, this may very well actually be the case. Trained to be a lucid dreamer, she enters the frightful dreams of the severely disturbed patients of her father's sleep disorder clinic. Mary's life is thrown into jeopardy when one of the patients is revealed to be a serial killer and his nightmare world intertwines with reality.

Kieron Dwyer, who recently garnered a 2004 Eisner Award nomination for his work on the covers of his last IDW project, Remains, is similarly providing covers and full art on this miniseries. Here, he's joined by writer Rick Remender (Sea of Red) to create a world where the boundaries between dreams and reality are vague–setting the stage for a terrifying trip into psychological horror.

"I'm more excited about this project with every page we finish. No fiction can equal the horrific scenarios we create in our nightmares... but we're going to give it a shot," said writer Rick Remender, to which artist Kieron Dwyer added, "Night Mary is the perfect fusion of horror, suspense, and mystery. It's an exciting project for me because it allows me to experiment with my art style in every issue. The nightmare sequences are the place in every story where I cut loose. I can't wait for people to see this series."

Available in July, Night Mary #1 will be the first issue of a five-issue miniseries.

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