Dwight Schrute's New Funko Pop! Comes With His Own Dwight Schrute Pop!

There's exciting news for fans of The Office attending New York Comic  Con this October, as Funko announced a new, NYCC 2019-exclusive bobblehead of fan-favorite character Dwight Schrute.

The character, portrayed by Rainn Wilson on the NBC sitcom, already has a variety of Funko Pop! toys, including costumes as Belsnickel and as a Christmas elf. This newest, NYCC-exclusive edition, pays homage to a classic moment where Dwight holds up a bobblehead of himself. The toy is holding up a small bobblehead in a similar manner, but that bobblehead is also Funko Pop!-shaped.

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In the episode of The Office that the toy references, Season Two’s “Valentine’s Day,” the character is gifted the bobblehead and was so excited he pumped his fist (much like Dwight the Funko Pop! toy is doing).

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It doesn’t look great for anyone not attending this year’s New York Comic Con, though, as the bobblehead is already going for nearly $50 on eBay. Waiting it out might not do much either, as some of last year’s NYCC-exclusive Funko Pop!’s range from $25 to $150 on the site.

Nevertheless, already six years since the finale of The Office, fans clearly still have a passion for it, and it’s nice to see Funko reward fans with such a unique item after all this time.

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