Dwayne Johnson Endorses Jeffrey Dean Morgan As DC's Lobo

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Dwayne Johnson has thrown his support behind Jeffrey Dean Morgan's expressed desire to play DC's Lobo is a live-action film.

Best known for his performance as Negan on AMC's The Walking DeadMorgan recently said he would love to play the "badass" Lobo. Considering Johnson was once linked to Lobo when Joel Silver and Brad Peyton were working on the project, it's good news that Morgan has the actor's blessing.

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After ComicBook.com shared an article about Mogan's comments, Johnson replied on Twitter with a simple, "Hell yes." Morgan certainly has the physique to play the alien antihero, and it clearly isn't beyond Johnson's imagination to see him in the part.

With the pair recently working together on Rampage, casting Morgan as Lobo could see the pair cross paths again in the DC Extended Universe, or whatever Warner Bros. decides to do next with its slate of comic book movies. Johnson is still set to star as longtime Shazam foe Black Adam in his own solo film.

Aside from playing the bat-swinging menace on The Walking Dead, Morgan is also remembered for his portrayal of the Comedian in Zack Snyder's Watchmen, and Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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Morgan admitted he would love to suit up as Batman in a possible Flashpoint movie, but considering The Flash directors Jonathan Goldstein and John Francis Daley are reportedly moving away from retelling of that DC comics storyline, it seems unlikely the actor will play Thomas Wayne again. With Morgan keen to return to the world of comic book movies, playing the alien bounty hunter could be an interesting choice.

Although Lobo appeared as if it had been quietly canceled after years of development, it was reported earlier this year that Michael Bay is working on a low-budget version with a script from Wonder Woman's Jason Fuchs.

Although Morgan previously expressed an interest in playing Lobo as early as 2009, his ambition to play the last Czarnian hasn't gone away. Lobo is already confirmed to be part of Krypton Season 2, and with the part still uncast, maybe Morgan could make the leap from post-apocalyptic America to Superman's pre-apocalyptic home world.

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