Dwayne Johnson Goes Country With Charley Pride Biopic

Dwayne Johnson gives hope to professional wrestlers everywhere. Here's a guy who started his career as a wrestler before going on to establish himself in Hollywood. He started small, and with the sort of movies you'd generally laugh at and wait to watch on cable, if at all (The Scorpion King), but eventually started landing bigger and bigger roles that demanded more from him in every way.

The Rundown is still the bomb, though.

He's in Fast Five this week, and we'll see him again this summer in Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. He's also Sinbad (the good-hearted pirate, not the comedian) in the upcoming 3D adaptation Arabian Nights. Things turn a little more serious for Johnson's latest gig, though: Variety reports he'll play country music star Charley Pride ("Kiss an Angel Good Mornin'")  in an upcoming biopic.

There's no title yet, but Johnson will produce along with Dany Garcia, Randy Jackson and Pride's manager John Daines. The musician spent his early life in the 1950s as a professional baseball player in the American Negro League. He did fine as a pitcher until a 1953 injury set him back; Pride continued playing, but also pursued work in music. He recorded some songs at Sun Studios in 1958 and later signed with RCA in 1966. There's no word on which parts of the musician's career this biopic will focus on, but it will presumably tackle racial issues as Pride is the only black country musician to have been inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

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