Dustin Nguyen trades in Batman and Robin for Finn and Jake

Dustin Nguyen may be best known for his Batman work, but he's more than that. Aside from the astounding breadth he's shown doing great dark stories with Paul Dini on Detective Comics all the way to his kid-sized capers in the digital-first Lil' Gotham, Nguyen has an imagination that stretches far beyond Gotham City... all the way to the Land of Ooo.

In this week's Adventure Time Annual #1 from BOOM! Studios, Nguyen has done a great two-page Adventure Time comic in which Finn and Jake are held back from a party with a strict "no dogs allowed" policy. Written by Bryce Carlson, the strip is Nguyen's first non-DC interior work. Also included in Adventure Time Annual #1 is a story written by Nguyen's longtime collaborator Derek Fridolfs. Here's the two-page story Nguyen drew:


The idea of Nguyen branching out to something so different than what he's known for with Adventure Time is both invigorating and surprising, but it's something Nguyen has been aiming to do for some time. Earlier this year Nguyen illustrated a cover for an ultra-rare Adventure Time hardcover collection that was limited to 500 copies:

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