Dustin Harbin's etiquette pep talk

So the other day, Christopher Butcher—a blogger I both like and admire—Tweeted this: "Gross hit-piece on a cartoonist I love by a cartoonist I can now no longer respect? Certainly takes the wind out of my sails for the day."

... and then he got into a big discussion about it with a few people, but no one else knew what they were talking about because no one would link to the piece. I can certainly understand that, but I was taught it was rude to have a conversation in front of people without including them in it.

Hit pieces and personal slams are ruder, of course, and there was more of that on Twitter yesterday, which is apparently what inspired Dustin Harbin to post some gentle reminders about good behavior on his blog. It really goes beyond etiquette to the most basic points of being aware that 1) you're not always right, 2) even if you are right, it may not matter, and 3) regardless, it's important to consider the feelings of others. This struck me as good advice not only for the comics community but also for the holiday dinner table. So go check it out, and regard it as a pep talk for Thanksgiving dinner with the relatives.

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