Dustin Harbin will draw anyone (once) for $50

If you're looking for some original art, artist Dustin Harbin has a deal for you: He'll draw a portrait of any real or fictional person, "as long as they are moderately famous and/or universally recognizable," for $50.

The catch? He'll only draw each person once, "so if there's someone you're really into, act fast. The only exception to this is if it's a sufficiently separate instance of that person: i.e young Bill Murray versus older Bill Murray, or Han Solo in his winter gear in Empire Strikes Back, versus his vest-style outfit in Star Wars."

Already claimed are Columbo, Abed from Community and "DIO" (which I'm going to assume is rocker Ronnie James Dio), so act fast to stake your claim. You can find complete details on his Big Cartel page.

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