Dunkirk Wins War with Emoji Movie at the Box Office

The Emoji Movie might use a sad face to express its reaction to the weekend box office, as the film was outperformed by the Christopher Nolan war flick Dunkirk on Friday and Saturday.

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According to Deadline, Warner Bros. raked in $28.1 million with its WWII epic, taking the top spot ahead of Sony Animation's Emoji Movie, which took in a mere $25.6 million.

Focus Features/Sierra Affinity’s Cold War spy movie Atomic Blonde, based on an original graphic novel, brought in $18.6 million in its debut, opening to 3,304 locations across North America. It's reportedly the fourth-best opening for Focus Features, behind 2015's Insidious: Chapter 3 ($22.7 million), 2016's London Has Fallen ($21.6 million) and 2008’s Burn After Reading ($19.1 million).

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"We’ve been able to hit female empowerment in the movie industry and bring females in the spotlight whether it’s onscreen or behind the camera,” Focus Features distribution chief Lisa Bunnell said of Atomic Blonde. “This is the time period for an edgy sensual thriller...A movie like this will take on new life and can have legs. It’s the reason why we opened here; you can play through Labor Day.”

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