D&D Character Alignments Of Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Characters

If there's two things everyone loves (or should love because they're both amazing), it's Dungeons & Dragons and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. One is a grand and mystical adventure with a group of like-minded adventurers to battle the forces of evil, while the other...is pretty much the same except more fabulous (and set in more modern times).

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Just about everybody, even people who don't play D&D, know what the character alignment chart is. It's a 3x3 chart with rows for "good, neutral, evil", and columns for "lawful, neutral, chaotic". As it turns out, JoJo's has a lot of characters that would fit nicely somewhere within the chart. Let's take a look!

10 Lawful Good: Jonathan Joestar

Of course, Jonathan Joestar is our pick for lawful good. Of all the main JoJos, Jonathan, the first of the JoJos, is the only one who can truly be called a gentleman. He's created a code of conduct for himself that he vowed to never betray, and will treat any fellow human he meets with the utmost respect unless they prove to be evil.

He may be a muscular powerhouse, but Jonathan is a classic example of a gentle giant. On his quest to fight evil, Jonathan still takes time to imagine the consequences his actions would have on other people, even if they're his enemies.

9 Neutral Good: Jotaro Kujo

Our neutral good pick is Jotaro Kujo, the protagonist of Stardust Crusaders. Jotaro oozes a "too cool for school" attitude that keeps him calm and collected. He looks and acts like a delinquent, all aloof and callous, but he really has a heart of gold and he's fiercely loyal to those close to him.

He refuses to show it, but Jotaro loves his mother, and the whole reason he traveled to Egypt to defeat DIO in the first place was that his mom's life was put in danger by DIO's Stand. Jotaro doesn't make a bit fuss about things, he just gets the job done.

8 Chaotic Good: Joseph Joestar

There probably isn't a more chaotic good character in JoJo's than Joseph Joestar. It's clear that Joseph is one of the good guys, but he's nowhere near the level of gentlemanliness his grandfather, Jonathan, was. For example, he had no qualms about using a Tommy Gun to shoot a vampire, even though many of the bullets were fired into a packed diner.

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Joseph is very much a loose cannon, but he always used clever strategies to fight evil and escape danger. Joseph's reckless attitudes put a lot of people in danger, but he always makes sure that they're okay.

7 Lawful Neutral: Gyro Zeppeli

This Italian executioner with balls of steel was one of the main protagonists in Steel Ball Run. Gyro entered the Steel Ball Run race to win amnesty for a child back in his home country that he was assigned to execute.

Gyro does have an altruistic side to him, and he likes to help anyone in need, as shown by his pursuance of saving the defenseless child from a death sentence. Gyro helps in the fight against Funny Valentine, not because of Valentine's villainous plans, but because Valentine is an obstacle between him and his goal.

6 True Neutral: Josuke Higashikata (Jojolion)

Our pick for the true neutral character in JoJo's is Josuke Higashikata from Jojolion. Josuke is found naked and amnesiac in the outskirts of Morioh, and the whole story for this part is Josuke trying to regain his memories and find out who he is.

Josuke is not particularly concerned with people in need, he just wants to find the Rokakaka fruit and regain his memories. While Josuke does show some restraint against enemies, he can also be quite violent at times, like when he killed Tamaki Damo in cold-blood for threatening his adoptive family.

5 True Neutral: Giorno Giovanna

That's right, we're giving you two characters for true neutral. Why? Because we just couldn't decide between Josuke and this entry, Giorno Giovanna, so we decided to include them both! Giorno is a true neutral character almost just because of his parentage. Giorno is the son of both DIO, the evilest character in the series, and Jonathan Joestar, the most pure character.

While Giorno does have a strong sense of justice, he's not particularly concerned with going out of his way to help people in need. He's really just focused on his dream of becoming a "Gang-Star" and leading the mafia.

4 Chaotic Neutral: Jobin Higashikata

Jobin Higashikata is the eccentric eldest son of the Higashikata family, and our pick for chaotic neutral. Jobin was first introduced as an antagonist working with the Rock Humans to secure the Rokakaka branch, but he only teamed up with them so he could take the Rokakaka from them.

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Make no mistake, though, Jobin isn't exactly one of the good guys either. Jobin wants the power of the Rokakaka so that he can rid his family of the Higashikata curse, a disease that basically turns them to stone, and it's become his sole purpose, valuing the fruit and the elimination of anyone standing in his way above all else.

3 Lawful Evil: Funny Valentine

Funny Valentine is about as lawful evil as you can get in JoJo's. He's the main antagonist of Steel Ball Run, but more importantly, he's the 23rd President of the United States. As such, Valentine is deeply but immorally patriotic, fanatical in his desire to accomplish what he solely believes is best for the United States.

To achieve his goals, Valentine seeks the blessing of the Saint Corpse Parts to use its power to bring a better future to America by deflecting all misfortunes befalling his country and sending them to foreign countries.

2 Neutral Evil: Enrico Pucci

Enrico Pucci, the main antagonist of Stone Ocean, is our pick for neutral evil. Pucci is the most loyal follower and friend of DIO, and he seeks to enact a plan to "achieve heaven", a plan long formulated by DIO. Because of DIO's plan, Pucci became obsessed with a heretical notion of God's will and Fate, which he calls gravity.

By achieving heaven, Pucci sought to make humans realize that Fate cannot be fought and they need to make their peace with that, and he used bribes, manipulation, and murder to do it. He didn't care about anything but his end goal.

1 Chaotic Evil: DIO

It should come as no surprise that DIO is our choice for chaotic evil. DIO is an immortal vampire with one of the strongest Stands in the entire series hell-bent on conquering the world and leaving a swath of destruction in his wake.

The guy goes out of his way to cause misery, like creating human-animal hybrids or forcing a politician to drive onto the sidewalk and plow through all the pedestrians. His hunger for power is insatiable, and he views everyone as less than nothing. DIO's evil and malice were so great that his influence continued to be felt even after his death.

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