Dundee Comics Day: The poor man's MorrisonCon, now with Gibbons

If you didn't have the massive ticket price for MorrisonCon last weekend, perhaps this is more your speed: the fifth annual Dundee Comics Day at the University of Dundee, Scotland. Much of the day's event sounds like a redux of the program for Morrison's high-end Sin City shindig, sans the pop magick angle:

A raft of Morrison's past collaborators will be joining him in Dundee, including Cameron Stewart (Seaguy, The Guardian), Frazer Irving (Klarion The Witch Boy, Batman), Frank Quitely (Flex Mentallo, New X-Men, WE3, All Star Superman, Batman & Robin, Multiversity), Rian Hughes (Dare) and Jill Thompson (The Invisibles). Two days prior, the college's cinema is hosting a showing of Talking to Gods, the seldom-screened documentary on Morrison's life and career.

The always-excellent U.K. comics news blog Down The Tubes has announced a late addition to the day's festivities: Dave Gibbons will be presenting a two hour show-and-tell lecture about his career, plus giving a demo of his preferred drawing application these days, Manga Studio.

Dundee may be a lot less glamorous than Las Vegas, but the beer will be better, and the ticket price is considerably cheaper: £15 for adults, £7.50 for anyone under 13.

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