Duncan Jones Meeting With Fox About Directing <i>The Wolverine</i>

Despite assertions that Fox is "in no rush" to find a director for The Wolverine following the surprise departure last month of Darren Aronofsky, it looks like the studio is moving quickly to find a replacement.

Duncan Jones and David Slade were mentioned just last week as possible contenders for the Hugh Jackman film. And now, in a trio of reports that emerged over the weekend, Jones confirms he's meeting with Fox executives about the job. How serious those discussions are remains to be seen.

During a Q&A with IGN at Kapow! Comic Con, the director of Moon and Source Code mentioned that he'd be meeting with studios when he returns to Los Angeles, and laughed, along with the interviewer and the audience, when asked what he thought of the character Wolverine.

"I think he's a great character, and I don't want to go on dangerous ground here but I'd say he's more interesting to me than Batman, who I think they've made a very successful run of films with that," he said. "I think a good Wolverine film could be an amazing thing. [...] He's got a sense of humor, and he's gruff and he's sort of pissed off at everyone -- and I like that."

While that's not exactly confirmation, Empire and an Ain't It Cool News scooper have Duncan saying that, yes, he's talking with Fox about The Wolverine -- although the latter suggests he's more interested in his own sci-fi project, and is only taking the meeting "to explore options and be polite."

Written by McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie), The Wolverine is based, in part, on the 1982 Wolverine miniseries by Chris Claremont and Frank Miller, and has Logan battling ninjas and the politics of the Tokyo criminal underworld for the heart of his ex-lover, the daughter of a Japanese crime lord.

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