Duncan Jones Has Big Ideas About a Green Lantern Movie

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Duncan Jones, director of "Moon," "Source Code" and "Warcraft," might not have a stake in the upcoming "Green Lantern" movie reboot -- "Green Lantern Corps," part of Warner Bros.' shared universe of DC Comics-based films -- but that hasn't kept him from chiming in via Twitter with a few ways he thinks the cinematically troubled hero could make a comeback. Chief among his recommendations? Make the Emerald Gladiator work for his wins, making the hero "a simple-minded jock who has to come up with imaginative, new ideas every time he uses the ring."

The hook in the dumb jock version of Green Lantern is that he has the power, but lacks the wits to use it. Endearingly frustrating.

— Duncan Jones (@ManMadeMoon) January 13, 2017

The Lantern Corps' ring has seen numerous iterations since the character's introduction in 1940, but these days the rings are largely used to conjure shining green constructs, willed into existence by the ring bearer, the power of which is determined by the bearer's willpower. In this way, Jones' recommendations have real cinematic legs. While the rings amplify the specific skills of the bearer, what if said Lantern was profoundly unoriginal? How would the ring react?

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Jones' tweets followed this week's news that Warner Bros. has tapped "Dark Knight" trilogy writer David S. Goyer and Justin Rhodes to write the script for the "Green Lantern" reboot. Details are murky now, but the film is expected for release in 2020. As for the director? Unannounced at this point.

"Green Lantern" fans will be disappointed (or possibly elated) to know that Jones has no interest on working on a "Green Lantern" movie. The only superhero he would want to work on a cinematic adaptation for, according to a subsequent tweet? Dr. Manhattan from "Watchmen." And, Jones promises, it wouldn't have a happy ending.

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