Dunbier talks Darwyn Cooke SDCC Scavenger Hunt

To promote a new Darwyn Cooke project that will be announced next Wednesday night at Comic-Con International in San Diego, IDW Publishing is offering a set of three signature cards available only from specific locations at the convention. CBR News caught up with new IDW Special Projects Editor Scott Dunbier to discuss the promotion.

Featuring original illustrations by Cooke, one card can be found at the artist's booth (#2207), another at the IDW booth (#1705-1709/1804-1808 block), and another at the 11:00 AM IDW panel on Saturday in Room 3. "They are limited to 500 of each and will be available exclusively at Comic-Con," Dunbier told CBR News. "We had initially announced that the cards would be limited to 250 but we wanted to at least try and make sure fans would have a shot at getting all three cards."

With the maddening amount of activity going on at the San Diego convention, Cooke fans hoping to obtain all three cards may wish to map out a plan ahead of time. Dunbier offered some advice to maximize chances of collecting them all. "Try to get to the IDW booth on Thursday and Saturday for the scheduled [Darwyne Cooke] signings," the editor said. Currently, these signings are due to take place Thursday from 11-12 and Saturday 12-1:30, but fans are advised to confirm this at the IDW booth in case of possible changes. "But, really, the most important one is the IDW panel; that's the only place that [particular] signature card will be available--if you aren't there you can't get it. Darwyn will be pre-signing a number of these so people don't have to worry about him signing them there."

Dunbier said the card that will be easiest to obtain will be the one available at Cooke's own booth, as the artist will be camped out there for the majority of the show. "By the way, Darwyn will be sharing his booth with Cameron Stewart and Dave Bullock and all three will have beautiful hardcover art books for sale, not to mention some very cool surprises in store for fans, you really don't want to miss their booth," Dunbier remarked.

Further information will have to wait until Wednesday, when Darwyn Cooke's mystery project is announced. Shortly following the announcement, check back with CBR for an interview with Cooke and a closer look at just what's coming up. Until then, Dunbier offers this teaser: "I can tell you without any risk of hyperbole, this is Darwyn's dream project, and it will come out in 2009.

"Well, actually, I should be a bit more specific. The first book will come out in 2009."

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