Dumbo: Danny DeVito Introduces His Star Attraction in New Photo


Disney's live action version Dumbo is promising to hit us all in the feels. If you're already worried about what will happen to the little flying elephant, the latest image from the film will make you feel even sadder.

Fandango released the image on its Twitter page, revealing Danny DeVito as the circus ringmaster, showing off Dumbo and his mother to the crowd. While the crowd might be wowed at seeing elephants, Dumbo looks soulfully up at his mother, who is cradling him from the crowd.

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Even though the scene itself isn't horrific, the whole image gives an ominous feel to the circus atmosphere. But maybe that's because most of us already know how the original story of Dumbo goes. We know Dumbo's childhood is about to get worse before it gets better.

It's unclear what trials Dumbo will have to endure since the plot seems a little different from the original 1940s animated film. In the original, the focus is much more on Dumbo reuniting with his mother. This version seems to focus more on the circus itself.

Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton, also stars Eva Green, Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton and Alan Arkin. Dumbo comes to theaters March 29.

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