Duggan, Weaver Debut "Grizzled" Thanos In "Infinity Gauntlet"

EDIT: 8:20 AM - This story has been updated to reflect that Dustin Weaver is co-writing "Infinity Gauntlet" with Gerry Duggan.

The LA Times' Hero Complex has debuted a sneak preview of "Infinity Gauntlet" #1, one of the new series launching during Marvel Comics' upcoming "Secret Wars" event. The new "Infinity Gauntlet" will be co-written by Gerry Duggan ("Nova") and Dustin Weaver ("Infinity"); Weaver will also provide art for the series.

Set in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, this new take on the "Infinity Gauntlet" story will focus on a young woman named Anwen Bakian as well her father, sister and grandfather as they struggle for survival. That struggle becomes even more dangerous when Anwen discovers a stone that possesses unlimited cosmic power.

"Anwen is the reader's lens into this world, and having written another young hero for Marvel, I can tell that inexperienced characters are a real gift," Duggan revealed to Hero Complex. "They make mistakes... and may trust the wrong characters. Anwen is another great character in that great Marvel tradition. She's a hero with just as many problems in her personal life as she's got while she's adventuring. Those problems are intertwined in this series. Anyone curious about the Marvel Cosmic Universe is going to get a real kick out of this comic."

The first "Infinity Gauntlet" series arrived in the summer of 1991. Now, 24 years later, Duggan will offer up a new series bearing the name. "I've been a fan of [original 'Infinity Gauntlet' writer] Mr. [Jim] Starlin's since buying his comics off of spinner racks as a kid," said Duggan. "He's been a big time influence on me. The difference here is that this version of the Mad Titan is a little bit more mysterious... and our heroes don't know to fear the name Thanos."

The Thanos depicted in artist Dustin Weaver's sketchbook is a far cry from the powerful Titan Marvel fans have come to know and fear. "For my part, I've been taking my cues [for writing this Thanos] from Dustin," said Duggan. "He's such a talented guy. His drawing of a more grizzled and somewhat defeated but defiant Titan was a real inspiration for me. There's nothing more thrilling in a comics collaboration than when your partner says, writes or draws something that you would never even think of. Dustin is going to make me look pretty, pretty, pretty good."

"Infinity Gauntlet" #1 arrives in May.

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