Duggan & Medina Get "Hammered" in Latest Marvel Teaser

Thursday brought Marvel Comics' latest one-word All-New Marvel NOW! teaser, this one proclaiming writer Gerry Duggan and artist Paco Medina have a February-debuting project that somehow involves the word "Hammered."

On the relative scale of these things, this teaser seems fairly easy to decode: Duggan and Medina are the regular "Nova" creative team, and the blue-gold font of the word "Hammered" matches the character's typical color palette. So, it appears reasonably probable that this is promoting a new "Nova" story arc. As far as "Hammered," there's the obvious (Thor guest appearance?), the slightly less obvious (Beta Ray Bill guest appearance?) and the "total red herring" option.

This week, Marvel has been following up their teasers with a full announcement a day later, so answers are likely coming within 24 hours.

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