Duggan and Medina Introduce Beta Ray Bill to "Nova"

You can't keep a good horse-faced alien superhero down.

Revealed today by Newsarama, Beta Ray Bill makes his Marvel U return this February, as Gerry Duggan and Paco Medina welcome the fan-favorite hero to the world of Sam Alexander, the star of the ongoing "Nova" title.

"My first big arc begins in 'Nova' #13 -- we use #11 and #12 to build up the seeds of the confrontation, as Sam does a good thing for the wrong people," Duggan told Newsarama. " In doing so, he unwittingly assists the bad guys so Beta Ray Bill comes to Earth and demands some answers. It's more than a little dust-up, as miscommunication leads to a pretty fun fight that might surprise some people. That kicks off Nova #13 and is a great jumping-on point for new people. People can get to know Sam pretty quickly. Then in the ensuing arc we follow Sam and Bill into space as they try to clean up Sam's mess."

Beta Ray Bill and Nova clash -- and then team-up -- in February's "Nova" #13.NOW.

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