DuckTales Season 2 Finale Sets Up a Surprising Romance

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the DuckTales Season 2 finale, "Moonvasion!"

Romance hasn't been a major factor in Disney's DuckTales revival. While the rocky relationship between Scrooge McDuck and Goldie O'Gilt has been at the heart of multiple adventures, and the spark between Fenton Crackshell and Gandra Dee held promise, there hasn't been much else in terms of outright love stories.

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But that might change with the upcoming third season, given the surprising relationship that's teased in the final moments of the Season 2 finale. After saving the world, Launchpad McQuack is instantly smitten with the Moonlander pilot Penumbra, setting up a potential romance.

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Crashing Into His Heart

The battle against the invading Moon forces proves more difficult than the heroes expected, with all of Scrooge's plans falling apart because of the strategy of General Lunaris, who created the pretense for the attack on Earth. Most of the resistance assembled by Scrooge was captured after the initial failed attempt to reclaim McDuck Manor. That leaves only a handful of heroes -- among them, Launchpad, whose ability to crash or otherwise destroy everything he touches is utilized to help bring down Lunaris' ship. When Lunaris flees Earth, now determined to destroy the planet rather than conquer it, Launchpad is left behind while Della Duck and her family take the Spear of Selene to confront him in an epic space battle.

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Lunaris' massive ship initially appears to be too much for the Spear of Selene, but the last-second arrival of Penumbra, Della's roommate from her time on the moon, helps to save the day. She flies her ship straight into the engines of Lunaris' vessel, crippling it and leaving him trapped in Earth's orbit, ironically providing the planet with another moon. Penumbra survives the blast and is brought back to Earth by the Ducks onboard the Spear of Selene. There, Launchpad falls heads over heels for her. He quickly asks her out for coffee, and although she points out she could easily destroy him, Launchpad only hopes that counts as a yes. In the final moments of the episode, the pair can be seen standing next to each other in the group shot of the Duck family and their allies, glancing at one another and smiling.

Love-Struck Launchpad

DuckTales has made a running gag of Launchpad secretly being something of a love magnet. Two episodes have featured running gags about Launchpad going off on his own epic side-adventures, to perform heroic deeds and save romantic interests we've never seen. One was Ziyi in "The House of the Lucky Gander!," implied to be a dangerous ninja, and the other was the mermaid princess Oceanica in "The Depths of Cousin Featherly!" A conversation with Fenton in "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!" revealed he's had a host of other love interests, each possessing imposing professions and abilities, including a Viking shield maiden, a wereduck, a sentient cloud of energy, and even a clone of himself.

Although it's unexpected, Penumbra makes perfect sense as a love interest. Her serious disposition would make for a great counterpoint to the eternally chipper Launchpad. His simple sense of decency could help soften out the edges of her personality that Della first touched. She also wouldn't be the strangest love interest Launchpad has ever had. Dating an alien pilot is perfectly on-brand, especially considering how she saved the world (and won his heart) by crashing a spaceship. With Darkwing Duck (and presumably Launchpad) getting more attention in the upcoming season while the united Duck family is forced to contend with agents of F.O.W.L., it would be a compelling and charming way to incorporate Penumbra further into the series.

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