DuckTales: Who's New On Season 2 of the Disney Channel Revival

Fethry on DuckTales

The first season of the DuckTales reboot proved to be more than the equal of the beloved 1980s original. Hewing close to the classic Disney comics beloved by millions worldwide while adding its own sense of punchy irreverence and sincere affection, the show is a clear winner.

Fans were thrown for a loop when it was revealed in the season's final episodes that Huey, Dewey and Louie's mother, Della (Paget Brewster), vanished after stealing an experimental rocket, but is still alive -- yet stranded on the moon, unable to contact anyone.

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With that new status quo, DuckTales' second season looks to be every bit as fun as the first. In celebration of the Season 2 premiere, let's take a look at the new characters coming to the Disney Channel series.

José Carioca & Panchito Pistoles

You might be familiar with these guys already if you really know your Disney trivia. José, a dapper, green, cigar-smoking parrot from Brazil, first appeared in the 1942 film Saludos Amigos as Donald's South American friend (symbolic of the good relations between the United States and South America that Disney had been commissioned to help foster by the U.S. State Department). Saludos was popular enough that two years later, Disney released The Three Caballeros, which was not only the first film in history to combine animation with live-action footage, but also introduced Panchito, a gun-toting rooster from Mexico.

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The two (voiced by Eric Bauza and Jaime Camil, respectively) co-star with Donald in the recent cartoon Legend of the Three Caballeros (currently only available in the Philippines on the DisneyLife app), and appear in the Season 2 premiere "The Most Dangerous Game ... Night!," voiced by Bernardo de Paula and Arturo Del Puerto (Chicago P.D.).

Fethry Duck

Making his TV debut on next week's episode, "The Hidden Depths of Cousin Fethry!," and played by voice icon Tom Kenny, Fethry is a weirdo but a goodhearted one.

Created in 1964 by Disney comics legends Dick Kinney and Al Hubbard, Fethry was initially made for the Disney Studio Program, a unit of comics creators that produced stories exclusively for non-American markets from 1962 to 1990 to meet the voracious demands for Disney comics outside the United States. Fethry was conceived as a beatnik, but in recent years, he's mostly been portrayed as an impulsive, New Age, flighty sort, prone to weird hobbies, strange obsessions and accidental chaos.

In recent years, both Fethry and Donald have been shown in Danish comics (published Stateside at first by Gemstone, then by IDW as part of its Donald Duck monthly comic) as members of the Tamers of Nonhuman Threats, a Ghostbusters-like organization dedicated to confronting and stopping the paranormal.

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