DuckTales Reboot Debuts New Images, Targets August Debut


Forget racecars, lasers or aeroplanes we have our first look at the duck-blur that is Disney XD's revival of DuckTales. The reboot of the '80s cartoon staple follows miserly Scrooge McDuck (David Tennant) and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie on their mystery-fueled antics around the globe. Disney XD has released a few glimpses of the series, but now we get our first look at several more characters, plot details, and the announcement that DuckTales will air in August.

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The pictures, which debuted via Entertainment Weekly, feature the duckling triplets, whom executive producer Matt Youngberg states are defined by their birthing order. An order that lines up with the presentation of their three names. Huey (Danny Pudi) is the oldest "responsible" and "brainy" one. Dewey (Ben Schwartz), the middle child, wants "to stand out." Louie (Bobby Moynihan) takes advantage of being the youngest, knowing he can "slip under the radar." The new series will also feature Webby (Kate Micucci), Scrooge's "niece-by-affection," as an equal member of the team instead of the tagalong role she filled in the original show.

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The newly released images also show Donald Duck, the triplet's uncle, whose estrangement from his own, rich uncle fuels the greater mystery arc of the first season. Co-producer Francisco Angones explains, “In our world, about 10 years ago, Scrooge and Donald used to go on these big, crazy, rip-roaring adventures, and then they stopped talking to each other, to the point where when we start our show, Huey, Dewey, and Louie don’t even know that the richest duck in the world and this legendary explorer is their great uncle.”

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Other characters featured in the new art include Gladstone Gander (Paul F. Tompkins) a scoundrel despised by both Donald and his uncle; Gyro Gearloose (Jim Rash) the favorite mad scientist-type of the original show; Goldie O’Gilt (Allison Janney) an adventure seeking lost love of Scrooge; the return of Ma Beagle (Margo Martindale) and the Beagle Boys (Eric Bauza) as the primary antagonists out for Scrooge's gold; Flintheart Glomgold (Keith Ferguson) as Scrooge's counterpart in wealth and greed; and Mark Beaks (Josh Brener) is the "new money" of Ducksburg bringing the show into the 21st century with his love of being "buzzworthy."

Angones describes the show as "a combination of Indiana Jones and a blended Arrested Development-style family sitcom." DuckTales will debut on Disney XD in August.

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