DuckTales: The Members of FOWL, Explained

Warning: The following contains spoilers for the DuckTales Season 2 finale, "Moonvasion!"

The second season of DuckTales ended with the successful prevention of the Moonite invasion of Earth, and the liberation of Duckburg. The Duck family was reunited, alongside their allies, and celebrated their victory. However, the next threat to Duckburg is already preparing to strike back.

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The episode's final moments revealed that agents of F.O.W.L. (Fiendish Organization for World Larceny), the global crime syndicate, have been operating in secret throughout the first season, and they're now prepared to turn their full attention to the Duck family.

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The Board of Directors

The vulture board of directors has been a presence on the new DuckTales since the first episode. The three birds of prey serve as (potentially the only) sobering voices to Scrooge McDuck whenever he tries to spend too much money. They've been defined as being cold-hearted curmudgeons. However, they've also been shown having a keen eye for misuse of company funds, explaining why Scrooge has kept them around. They've been primarily used more for comic relief than anything else.

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However, the revelation that they appear to be the heads of F.O.W.L., originally a Darkwing Duck enemy, implies a much darker side to their interactions with the Duck family. They've been trying to steer the richest duck in the world (and more accurately, his wealth) toward their own endgame. The constant adventuring that has resumed since Scrooge reunited with his family has thrown off the easy sense of complacency they'd adopted when Scrooge was alone, giving them plenty of reason to try breaking down the family once and for all. The worst potential fallout of their true loyalties might come for Mrs. Beakley, however. A former agent of F.O.W.L.'s heroic counterpart S.H.U.S.H., Beakley might be in for a devastating shock if she learns Scrooge has (even accidentally) been working with her greatest enemies, which could splinter their long-standing friendship.

Gandra Dee & Black Heron

Two F.O.W.L. agents have played roles in earlier episodes of DuckTales, leaving behind the potential of their return to bedevil the Duck family. Gandra Dee is a relatively new character in the new DuckTales. Briefly appearing as Fenton's girlfriend in the original DuckTales animated series, she was reinvented in the reboot with a more punk-rock persona. She's a mercenary scientist, appearing in "The Dangerous Chemistry of Gandra Dee!" as an agent of Mark Beaks who's sent to steal technology from Fenton. She appears to develop some fondness for Fenton during her mission, and helps him to defeat Beaks before disappearing into the night. It's unknown if she was an agent of F.O.W.L. when she worked for Beaks, or if she's a new recruit.

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Black Heron, however, has been a member of F.O.W.L. for decades. She was introduced in "From the Confidential Case Files of Agent 22!" as an enemy of Mrs. Beakley during her S.H.U.S.H. days as she attempted to discover the secret formula to Gummi Bear Juice. In their earlier battles, Beakley was able to eke out a victory, which cost Haron her arm. Heron returned in the modern-day, initially appearing to be an independent agent. She briefly figured out the Gummi Bear Juice formula (thanks to Beakley's knack for memorization), but was ultimately defeated by Webby. Although she disappeared following that battle, it's now apparent she was either working with or went back to F.O.W.L., teasing a rematch against Beakley and Webby.

John Rockerduck

John Rockerduck also appeared previously on DuckTales, as a rival of Scrooge McDuck in the Old West, but at the time it seemed unlikely he had survived into the modern day.

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Rockerduck is seen in the present day, seemingly frozen solid at the age when Scrooge last encountered him, and carried into the board room by his manservant Jeeves, who had briefly helped Scrooge and Goldie get the better of Rockerduck in the past. It appears that decision ultimately cost Jeeves in the long run, as he's also still alive in the present day. However, he's been seemingly transformed into a robotic Frankenstein figure, explaining how he' survived.

Steelbeak & The Phantom Blot

Steelbeak and the Phantom Blot haven't appeared on DuckTales before this episode, ut both characters have deep connections to other Disney franchises. Steelbeak has always been a member of F.O.W.L., as seen on Darkwing Duck, where he was among the more consistent villains. A suave and smooth-talking agent of F.O.W.L., his high standing with the criminal organization affords him a great deal of sway and power. His presence in the group suggests that Darkwing might be taking a more important role going forward in the series, especially when it comes to dealing with F.O.W.L.

The Phantom Blot is one of the oldest villains in the entire Disney canon. First appearing in the Mickey Mouse comic strips in 1939, the Phantom Blot has threatened many of the major Disney characters over the years. In previous incarnations, he's been shown to be a skilled hypnotist, a master thief and a genuinely brilliant strategist. He was the inspiration for the Shadow Blot, the villain of the Epic Mickey video game. He's also revealed to have been on DuckTales this whole time, disguised in plain sight as Funso, the mascot at the local arcade/restaurant Fun Zone. That means he's been quietly observing Huey, Dewey and Louie (frequent patrons of Fun Zone) for years at this point. It's obvious that F.O.W.L. has been moving in the shadows, but it's unknown how just how deep their plans go.

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