DuckTales: Every Character in the Comic-Con Poster

If the promotional material is any indicator, the new DuckTales season is going to feature a lot of characters. The poster for Season 3 that debuted at Comic-Con International in San Diego 2019 is absolutely stuffed with some of the most well-known faces from Disney's storied history, and some you might not be as familiar with.

Here's a comprehensive list of all the characters that appeared on the Comic-Con poster for DuckTales.

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Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby

The triplets Huey, Dewey and Louie are Donald Duck's nephews, and a major proportion of the show's main characters. Whether they're going treasure hunting, solving mysteries, or getting into mischief, these three are practically inseparable. Although they've formed a strong bond with their surrogate caretakers, their birth mother, Della Duck, has recently come back into the picture.

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They're joined by Webby, the plucky and ever talented granddaughter of Bentina Beakley. Certainly no damsel in distress, Webby has a plethora of combat and investigative skills. The downside of her capabilities is that she has not had much time to make strong friendships, but her adventures with the gang have helped her break out of her shell.

Donald Duck

The uncle of Huey, Dewey and Louie, Donald Duck is one of Walt Disney's mainstay characters. Donald is no stranger to bad luck, as he always seems to be on the receiving end of misfortune. But his persistence has become a bit of an inspiration to his nephews. The friends he has gained on his numerous escapades provide a great deal of opportunities for adventure.

Uncle Scrooge

Treasure hunter, billionaire, philanthropist, Uncle Scrooge wears many hats. Scrooge has provided not only a home for his relatives but also a wealth of experience from his storied past. He also has access to a wealth of... wealth. Whether the gang is battling ghosts, pirates, robots or magicians, Scrooge is the rock of the family, providing insight and guidance when needed.


Duckworth was Scrooge's former butler, though he passed away some time ago. When Black Arts Beagle tried to summon a demon to plague Scrooge, he summoned Duckworth's ghost instead. He has now resumed his duties as Scrooge's butler, much to Mrs. Beakley's chagrin.

Bentina Beakley

Bentina, who is Webby's grandmother, has quite a few tricks up her sleeve. An agent of S.H.U.S.H. agent along with Scrooge in the past, she has imparted her unique set of spy skills to her granddaughter, Webby. After previous housekeeper Ducksworth passed away, Bentina signed on to take care of the household.

Ludwig Von Drake

Former director of S.H.U.S.H. and ally to Scrooge in the past, Ludwig is responsible for giving gadgets to both Scrooge and Bentina Beakley. He also built a doomsday vault to protect seeds in the event of an apocalypse.

Gladstone Gander

Gladstone is the ever-lucky cousin of Donald Duck. As opposed to Donald, who never gets anything to go his way, Gladstone is literally handed an easy life with his supernatural luck. Recently, however, Donald and the gang had to help out Gladstone when he got in trouble with the demon Toad Liu Hai.

Emily Quackfaster

Emily is the theatrical librarian who keeps the Duck family's secrets. She previously put Dewey and Webby through a series of trials in exchange for information on Della Duck.

Fethry Duck

Fethry on DuckTales

Another cousin of Donald Duck, Fethry is known for his seafaring. He went on an undersea expedition with Huey and Dewey to the McDuck Sub Lab. Although just a custodian for the lab, Fethry is encouraged to pursue a career in science by his adventure with the ducks.

Daisy Duck

Donald Duck's legendary love interest and another Walt Disney mainstay character, Daisy has been known in the past to be a jealous girlfriend and possessive of Donald. It remains to be seen how DuckTales will spin the character.

Della Duck

The mother of the triplets, Della has been missing for some time, trapped on the moon after a misadventure gone horribly wrong. Finally escaping, she has returned to her sons and is attempting to make up for lost time. However, unfinished business left with the inhabitants of the moon may soon follow her. Regardless, Della's return has been a major event for everyone on the show.


Selene is the Olympian Goddess of the moon and a friend of Della. She has proven to be an ally to the show's protagonist when they need help with mythical problems.


Penumbra is one of the Moonlanders who discovered Della when she crashed on the moon. She's a lieutenant under General Lunaris, who is currently brewing an invasion of Earth. The new season promises to have quite the conflict brewing between the moon and our favorite ducks.


Son of Zeus and friend of Donald Duck, after getting kicked out of Maceduckia by his father Zeus, Storkules briefly roomed with Donald, with disastrous results.


King of the Greek gods and rival to Scrooge, Zeus has a grudge against the billionaire adventurer for beating him in various contests.

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Launchpad McQuack

Much more than a chauffeur or pilot to the Duck family, Launchpad McQuack is a stolid friend and guardian. Recently, he's become friends with Drake Mallard/Darkwing Duck, which might tease more adventures for him on that character's show in the future.

Darkwing Duck

The terror that quacks in the night. This superhero has also experienced a recent reboot, with Drake Mallard being a stuntman for the Darkwing Duck TV show. When the original Darkwing actor goes bad, he takes up the cape and becomes a hero.

Gosalyn Mallard

Darkwing Duck's adopted daughter, who is quite the adventurous tomboy, Gosalyn is set to appear in the new season, where she's sure to cause plenty of mischief.

Gyro Gearloose & Lil Bulb

Gyro Gearloose is a genius inventor whose creations have a habit of getting out of hand. He's the creator of both Lil Bulb and the Gizmoduck suit. Lil Bulb can plug himself into other machines, amplifying their power.


Fenton Crackshell-Cabrera was formerly an intern for Gyro Gearloose, but has started to grow into his own. Utilizing an advanced armored suit that's packed with gadgets, Fenton fights crime as Gizmoduck.

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Officer Cabrera

Officer Cabrera is fiercely protective of her son, Fenton. She is also a fan of telenovelas.


Manny is a horse with the head of Scrooge McDuck. Although first an ally of Captain Peghook, he later replaces Fenton as Gyro's intern.

Lena De Spell

An entity spawned from Magica De Spell who takes the form of a girl and is friends with Webby, Luna was originally meant to help Magica get her revenge on Scrooge. Webby's friendship resulted in Lena turning against her creator, and she sacrificed herself to stop Magica. After a short stint living in Webby's shadow, Lena was brought back.

José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles

Along with Donald Duck, José Carioca and Panchito Pistoles are members of The Three Caballeros. After the band broke up, Carioca, he found himself as a flight attendant, while Pistoles now performs at birthday parties. However, he's looking to make a comeback, with Scrooge footing the bill.

Gene the Genie

Gene is best known from his incarnation in DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost Lamp. In the film, he grants wishes to the duck children while trying to avoid Merlock, the evil magician.

Faris Djinn

Faris Djinn previously clashed with the Duck family over a supposedly magic lamp. As the poster also features Gene the Genie, he might just end up having a bigger role to play in the future.

Bubba the Cave Duck and Tootsie

Bubba the Cave Duck is a prehistoric duck whose fossilized remains first appeared in the pilot episode. Along with his dinosaur pal, Tootsie, Bubba is set to appear soon on DucktTales.

Goldie O'Gilt

Goldie is an old flame from Scrooge's past. Known for being a manipulative swindler who possesses magical artifacts, she has a somewhat romantic rivalry with Scrooge. 


Yet another titan of Walt Disney animation, Goofy is set to make his appearance on DuckTales. His appearance hearkens back to his incarnation in his show Goof Troop.

Kit and Molly

Kit and Molly are both from Disney's Talespin, a high-flying show about airplanes and pirates starring Disney's Jungle Book characters. Kit Cloudkicker was Baloo's protege, and Molly Cunningham was the daughter of Rebecca Cunningham, one of the show's protagonists. Both Molly and Kit look all grown up, so it will be interesting to see how DuckTales fills in their history.

Violet Sabrewing

Violet is a hummingbird with an interest in the supernatural. She previously helped Webby bring back Lena.

Zan Owlson

Zan ran Flintheart Glomgold's company in his absence. Even though he has returned, Zan continues trying to make Glomgold's company legitimate while reining in the evil schemes of its founder.

Don Karnage

Don Karnage is a sky pirate extraordinaire, and another character who originated on Talespin. In DuckTales, Don Karnage and his band of sky pirates are out to plunder Scrooge's wealth. After Dewey briefly takes command of his ill-treated crew, Don Karnage swears revenge.


A combination of bear and butterfly, Butterbear is from Disney's The Wuzzles. Originally a patient gardener, the incarnation that's coming in the new DuckTales season looks more terrifying than cute.

Gandra Dee

A scientist who looks out for herself, Gandra showed an interest in Fenton, but it was a ruse so that she could help Mark Beaks steal technology. She does eventually have a change of heart though, so maybe Fenton still has a chance.

Mark Beaks (Probably)

There's also a mysterious parrot that looks like a younger version of Mark Beaks on the poster, and it seems pretty likely that it's him, or that the character is at least in some way related to him.

Rescue Rangers

Chip, Dale, Gadget, Monty and Zipper from Rescue Rangers are set to make an appearance on the show. In their own appearances, they've been a group dedicated to saving innocent animals from those who would exploit them.

DuckTales returns in September.

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