DuckTales: All The Call-Backs in the Season 2 Finale, Explained

WARNING: The following article contains spoilers for the DuckTales Season 2 finale, "Moonvasion!"

The second season finale of the rebooted DuckTales concludes numerous arcs that have been building across the show's first two seasons. With the arrival of the invading Mooninites in Duckburg, the entire world of DuckTales comes together to try and stand up to the assault on their planet.

Throughout the episode, there are plenty of characters, locations and actions from throughout the history of the series that reappear or pay-off in the two-part finale. Here are all the call-backs to the history of DuckTales.

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The initial wave of invaders are enough to overwhelm Scrooge's failsafe plans, quickly forcing the richest duck in the world into a corner. Sending Della off on a phony recruitment mission to keep Huey, Dewey, Louie and Webby out of trouble, Scrooge decides to pull together his allies from across Duckburg, who come together to help him try to storm the captured McDuck Mansion. Gearloose (and his army of clones) send out a legion of Little Bulbs to serve as covert communicators to recruit everyone.

Recurring McDuck allies, Ms. Beakley, Duckworth and Manny are among the first to join. Gizmoduck and his mother Officer Cabera (who reveals that she's been quietly aware of his superheroic secret identity) are there when the Mooninites first attack, and quickly meet up with Scrooge. Lena (who was restored from her shadow form and gained magical abilities earlier in Season 2) escapes the Moonies and joins up.

At the local library, the ferocious McDuck family librarian, Emily Quackfaster and Webby's new friend, Violet, arm themselves for the fight. Mallard Drake resumes his role as Darkwing Duck, riding with Launchpad towards the battle. Even minor characters like the reality-TV stars the Ottoman Brothers (who reunited in "The Richest Duck in the World!" thanks to a $100 million dollar present from Louie) show up.

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The group even utilizes the Harpies, which were unleashed in "Storkules In Duckburg!" The deepest cut though might be Gabby McStabberson, an assassin who was hired by Glomgold in the two-part series premiere. She's only had small cameo appearances since then, but she apparently remembers being saved by the Duck family and returns to pay back the favor.

The battle is full of little asides to the history of the franchise, including Scrooge using his cane to pogo-stick jump from enemy to enemy as he did in the classic NES DuckTales video games. Although they hold the line long enough for Scrooge to sneak into the mansion (thanks to a distraction by Darkwing), it's revealed to be a trap that leads to the capture of most of the heroes and the deaths of at least two of the Gearloose clones.


Taking the Sunchaser (or as Della calls it, the "Cloudslayer"),  Della and the kids all flee Duckburg. The children think they're on their way to find allies to bring back to Duckburg, while Della secretly intends to find them a place to hide during the invasion. Both of their intended destinations are actually call-outs to previous storylines.

First, the plane heads to Egypt and the Pyramids of Toth-Ra. The location of the early episode, "The Living Mummies Of Toth-Ra!" is unfortunately also under attack. Despite the efforts of Amunet (from the same episode) and D'Jinn (an ally of Scrooge's from "Treasure of the Found Lamp!"), the Mooninites are too overwhelming and Della chooses to leave them behind.

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Next, the group tries to fly to Ithaquack, home to the Greek Gods, Zeus, Selene and Storkules. Despite the protests of Selene and Storkules, Zeus refuses to either let them assist the rest of Earth or offer protection to Della and the kids. This is due to Zeus' longstanding hatred for Scrooge, which was explored in the Season 1 episode, "The Spear of Selene!"

That episode also revealed how close Selene was with Della, and how Storkules sees Donald as his best friend. Although they aren't able to initially help in the battle, both eventually overtake Zeus and are able to help save the world and stop the Mooninites during the climax.


Following the disastrous attempt to take back McDuck Manor, Scrooge is reduced to a much smaller team. Launchpad, Mrs. Beakley and Manny are the only other heroes who remain free. Although Duckworth isn't captured, he gives up on the battle and retreats to the afterlife to "prepare for your arrival."

Out of ideas, Scrooge is forced to turn to one of his greatest rivals, Flintheart Glomgold, to try and come up with a plan too absurd for the Mooninite leader, Lunaris to counter. Working from the docks where Glomgold previously had amnesia and a second life in "The Ballad Of Duke Baloney!" Glomgold's absurd plan includes sharks in parkas, a giant slingshot shooting Launchpad onto Lunaris' ship, and dressing Scrooge up as his hated enemy Santa Claus.

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The most surprising part? It actually works. Not only does the plan seriously damage Lunaris' ship, it forces the confounded Mooninite leader outside and into a direct battle with Scrooge and Glomgold. The pair even work together, despite the fact that Glomgold just used the scheme to trick Scrooge into giving back his company (which was lost to Louie and Scrooge previously in the episode "GlomTales!")

By the end of the episode, the world has been saved in-part to the first of Glomgold's schemes to work. The people of Duckburg finally chant "Glomgold!" alongside him, something he's been trying to achieve since his earliest appearances in the series.


After escaping Ithaquack, Della and the kids try (and fail) to escape a Mooninite ship. Crash landing on a desert island, the five of them end up discovering this is where Donald ended up after landing back on earth in "Whatever Happened to Donald Duck?"

This gives Donald and Della their first chance to reunite, as Donald was blasted off into space just as she returned to Earth. The group appears to be trapped on the island with their plane beyond repair.

However, they're lucky to be found by Donald and Della's cousins, Featherly and Gladstone. Riding atop the giant mutant krill called Mitzy (that Featherly formed a bond with in, "The Depths of Cousin Fethry!") Gladstone's impossibly good luck (which was introduced in the Season 1 episode, "The House of the Lucky Gander!") leads them straight to the island.

The eight ducks all ride Mitzy back to Duckburg, with the younger generation realizing their roles within the older family dynamic: Huey is Featherly, Dewey is (reluctantly) Donald, Louie is Gander and Webby is Della. They arrive just in time to save Scrooge. Mitzy (and Gladstone's sheer luck) is enough to tip the scales of the invasion back towards Earth's favor.

Scrooge, Donald, Della and the kids then all jump into the Spear of Selene to confront Lunaris in an epic space battle, all set to a new dramatic version of the "Moon Theme" from the original DuckTales video game. The song has been given extra meaning within the series as the lullaby that Della would sing to her sons when they were still eggs.

In the end, the united Duck family (along with a last-second assist from Della's Mooninite friend, Penumbra) is enough to save the day.

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