<i>DROKK</i>! It's an album inspired by Mega-City One!

Portishead co-founder Geoff Barrow and Emmy-winning soundtrack composer Ben Salisbury have announced the May 8 release of DROKK, an album inspired by Mega-City One, the sprawling city-state that serves as the backdrop for Judge Dredd. "Drokk" is, of course, the all-purpose swear word used by the citizens of Mega-City One (akin to "frak" on Battlestar Galactica).

Written over a six-month period between Barrow's Portishead world tour and Salisbury's composing gigs for the BBC, DROKK is described not as a "definitive sound" of the vast city, but rather as the duo's "personal, outsider's interpretation."

The album arrives even as 2000 AD marks its 35th anniversary. “2000 AD is delighted that Judge Dredd continues to inspire artists in the year of the character’s 35th anniversary, especially such high profile talents as Geoff and Ben," the magazine said in a statement. "You can tell, from their vision of the Big Meg, that they’re massive fans of the strip.”

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