<i>Drive's</i> Refn and Gosling Team with New Writer for <i>Logan's Run</i>

Yet another name has been added to the phone book-like list of creative folks involved with the remake of Logan's Run. Heat Vision reports writer Andrew Baldwin will take a pass at the project, which previously has been worked on by directors Bryan Singer, James McTiegue and Carl Erik Rinsch, and screenwriters Alex Garland and Will Beall.

The current creative minds happen to be director Nicolas Winding Refn and actor Ryan Gosling, who worked together on the hit Drive. The original 1976 Michael Anderson version of the film -- it was an adaptation of William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson's 1967 novel of the same name -- starred Michael York as the titular Logan, a man whose life is about to expire at the generally agreed upon time of 30 years old. York played a Sandman who went after Runners not willing to die just yet, but wound up being one himself.

While Baldwin is by no means the first writer to try and tackle this project, he does have a few other projects in the works that hint at potential for Run, from the Yakuza thriller The Outsider to a 3D drunken-driving flick called Red Asphalt for Timur Bekmembatov. Considering the nearly 10-year history of this remake, the cavalcade of talent involved and the fact that the somewhat similar In Time got beat out by Puss In Boots at the box office recently, we're keeping an eye on the news, but not getting too worked up or excited just yet.

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