<i>Drive</i> Sequel Isn't Happening, But Refn Says a Spinoff Could

Bad news, Drive fans: It sounds like director Nicolas Winding Refn isn't planning a sequel to his 2011 neo-noir drama after all. However, that's not to say we're never going to see Ryan Gosling's character Driver again. Apparently there's a thin line between sequel and spinoff, and Refn explained it in a new interview.

"[The sequel] is never going to happen. But the character of The Driver might return in another film. We're playing with that idea. We'll see what happens," Refn told The Evening Standard (via The Playlist).

Drive was based on a novel by James Sallis, and the author said over the summer that a film was being adapted from the book's sequel, Driven. We haven't heard any update on the project since, and it sounds like Refn is shooting that film down.

In June, The Independent ran an interview with Sallis in which he talked about his sequel. Driver is just as violent this time around, but the writer explained he couldn't help but think of the film's main character when he wrote the sequel.

“It was difficult not to visualise Ryan Gosling playing the role when I wrote the sequel,” Sallis said. “I think he really made the character his own. Of course, they made changes in the script -- but it has the blood, heart and guts of the book -- it feels like my film.”

Here's the synopsis of Driven, via Amazon:

Seven years have passed. Driver has left the old life, become Paul West, and founded a successful business back in Phoenix. Walking down the street one day, he and his fiancee are attacked by two men and, while Driver dispatches both, his fiancee is killed. Sinking back into anonymity, aided by his friend Felix, an ex-gangbanger and Desert Storm vet, Driver retreats, but finds that his past stalks him and will not stop. He has to turn and face it.

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