Drive like Poe Dameron with this 'Star Wars' BB-8 USB car charger

This skittish little astromech may not be able to help with navigation or repairs, but it will ensure you're never stranded without a fully charged smartphone, iPod or tablet.

It's the pretty darned adorable Star Wars BB-8 USB car charger, which fits snugly into the droid socket of your T-70 X-wing ... or the standard cupholder of your more grounded ride. Featuring two 2.1A USB charging ports, it plugs into your cigarette lighter.

However, that's not all it does (of course): As you can see in the video below, BB-8 also rotates its head and makes signature sounds.

Officially licensed, the Star Wars BB-8 USB car charger is available for preorder from ThinkGeek for $40.

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