Drive around in a Hyundai covered with <i>Walking Dead</i> bodies

When we wrote last week about Hyundai's offbeat cross-promotion with Robert Kirkman's Skybound imprint to celebrate the 100th issue of The Walking Dead, we knew it involved a sweepstakes to win an Elantra GT -- we just didn't know which Elantra GT. No, it's not the customized zombie-proof car with deadly cowcatcher that Kirkman discussed in the video (so push those commuting fantasies out of your had). It's actually -- well, if not better then arguably more macabre.

It turns out the sweepstakes winner will be the proud owner of an Elantra GT hatchback (above) wrapped in Charlie Adlard's cover art for the landmark 100th issue. Yes, the one that features Rick Grimes standing amid the corpses of every prominent character who's died in the series to date. So when you lift the latch on the driver's door, you'll be ... pulling a piece of Jim's skull? It's probably best not to think where the gas tank is ...

Although we caught glimpses of the Kirkman-designed Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine last week, you can now get a better look below. Or, if you're attending Comic-Con International next month, you can see the real thing.

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