<i>Drive Angry</i> Star Amber Heard Takes a Swing at <i>Machete Kills</i>

Amber Heard likes to play all kinds of roles. She's done horror, grindhouse-like action, teen mixed martial arts flicks and even a recent adaptation of a Hunter S. Thompson book. Up next? The actress will be kicking ass in Robert Rodriguez's Machete Kills.

Variety reports she will join returning actresses Michelle Rodriguez and Jessica Alba as well as star Danny Trejo. Trejo plays an assassin who gets sent after a James Bondian arms dealer played by Mel Gibson. Heard plays an assassin known as Miss San Antonio, but whether she and Machete are on the same side or not remains to be seen.

The film is being shot this summer in Austin, Texas, Heard's hometown. Rodriguez hopes to direct the entire film before moving on to Sin City 2, but understands he might have to pass the torch to another director to finish the project. Fox will distribute the film for its 2013 release.

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