Drink it up, fuzzball, with a 'Star Wars' Chewbacca can cooler

Chewbacca is the kind of Wookiee you want on your side. After all, he can pilot and repair the legendary Millennium Falcon, re-assemble a protocol droid (well, mostly), tear apart most anything, or anyone, with his bare hands, and, it turns out, keep your drinks cold.

Although the R2-D2 moving refrigerator and the Darth Vader mask cooler are a bit pricey, this furry Star Wars Chewbacca can cooler will fit just about any budget ($10.39 versus, say, the price of a car). Or just about any can, for that matter.

With a rubber interior and a Wookiee-pelt exterior, this will keep your drink cold and your hands warm. (Note: No Wookiees were harmed in the making of this can cooler.)

(via Geeks Are Sexy)

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