Drew Goddard to Meet on Sony's Next "Spider-Man," According to Multiple Reports

UPDATE 3/2/2015 2:00 PM PT: Multiple outlets including The Hollywood Reporter and Deadline state that Drew Goddard is in "very early talks" to write and direct Sony's next Spider-Man film, and that a meeting with execs will likely happen soon. THR noted that Sony declined comment on its story.

UPDATE 3/2/2015 1:30 PM PT: When reached by CBR News, a representative for Drew Goddard denied Latino Review's rumor that he will write and direct Sony's next Spider-Man film, stating Goddard "hasn't met on the title yet."

The latest Sony/Spider-Man rumor is a big one: Latino Review published an unconfirmed report Monday that Drew Goddard will write and direct Sony's new "Spider-Man" film, and that the "Sinister Six" spinoff feature -- previously slated to be helmed by Goddard -- has been dropped.

CBR has reached out to representatives for both Sony and Goddard, but has not received a response as of press time.

Additionally, Latino Review reports that the new franchise may be called "Spectacular Spider-Man" -- moving on from "Amazing" but retaining a comic book title tie -- and that there will not be a new origin story, with Spidey rather being "taken as a given." The post echoes previous reports that the next Spider-Man actor will likely be young, perhaps high-school age. Two, again unconfirmed, potential plot details were also shared: That the film may involve Spider-Man fighting Iron Man, and that the Sinister Six may be formed, with the potential for a spinoff down the line.

Though unconfirmed, Goddard does seem like a natural choice in multiple ways -- he's already been working with Sony on the Spidey franchise, and he's a longtime collaborator of Joss Whedon, the writer and director of Marvel Studios' "Avengers" films. Last month, Marvel and Sony jointly announced that they would be working together on Spider-Man's film future, including the new Spidey debuting in a Marvel Studios film, and the chance of Marvel Cinematic Universe characters appearing in Sony's Spider-Man movies.

The next Spider-Man film is scheduled for release on July 28, 2017. Keep reading CBR for the latest on Spidey's next big-screen moves.

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