Drew Goddard Thinks His Sinister Six Movie 'Could See the Light of Day'

As Sony attempts to build its own shared cinematic universe with Spider-Man ancillary characters, filmmaker Drew Goddard believes the studio's plans for a spinoff starring the villainous Sinister Six could yet make it to the big screen.

Goddard was originally attached to write and direct the planned spinoff of 2014's The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but following the mixed reaction to that film, the film, plans stalled and Goddard ultimately moved on to other projects. Despite that, Goddard speculates it may not be completely dead.

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"I wouldn't have done it had I not thought there was a real opportunity to do something different and exciting and just flat-out bananas," he explained in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter timed to the release of Bad Times at the El Royale. "It was very much me and, a much more commercial version of, The Cabin [in the Woods] mentality. The punk rock mentality that led to Cabin is very much at the core of Sinister Six. That's a fun one. Who knows, it could see the light of day."

Goddard previously noted that while the planned film would have focused on the villains, it was still envisioned to be a Spider-Man movie. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and its mid-credits scene teased a potential lineup including Green Goblin, Mysterio, Rhino, Kraven the Hunter, Vulture and Doctor Octopus, with Lizard and Electro as other possible candidates to join the team following their earlier appearances.

With Sony's latest Spider-Man spinoff, Venom, is setting box office records, the studio may indeed revive its plans for the Sinister Six, some day.

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