Dressed as Batman, San Antonio Spurs mascot takes on an actual bat

Bat-Coyote may not be the mascot the San Antonio Spurs deserve, but he was the one the team needed Monday night when a bat infiltrated the AT&T Center.

When the winged invader was spotted during warmups, The Associated Press reports players were told to return to the locker rooms, even as The Coyote changed into his not-so-secret costumed identity and returned with a net.

The masked hero, who more closely resembles Ace the Bat-Hound than Batman, quickly captured the bat and handed it off (in a towel) to security.

This isn't the Spurs' first encounter with a bat: One briefly delayed a game in 2009 before being swatted down by Manu Ginobili, who then carried it off court. Ginobili had to get a rabies shot the following day, just as a precaution.


And, just like Bruce Wayne was inspired by an encounter with a bat, so too was The Coyote, who's donned his mask on a few occasions since 2009.

Bat on the loose pregame?! @SpursCoyote to the rescue!https://t.co/zT1tjlSVVZ

— San Antonio Spurs (@spurs) December 29, 2015

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