Dress To Impress With An Authentic <i>Stargate</i> Tok'ra Uniform! [Auctions]

We're back this week with another exclusive first look at Propworx's ongoing Stargate Artifacts auction! Last week, Spinoff Online brightened your day with an exclusive look at a working Goa'uld Cargo Hold Wall Light as seen in the Stargate Universe episode "Subversion." This week, we're offering up another exclusive, this time a unique Tok'ra Uniform as seen in the sixth season of Stargate: SG-1.

Read on for a more detailed description of the item and information on how to bid, courtesy of Propworx’s David Read!


David Read: Season Six brought many changes to SG-1. Not only was Daniel Jackson off exploring other planes of existence, but we were learning to find our way with Jonas Quinn. SCI FI Channel was now carrying the series, so many behind-the-scenes changes were afoot as well. None the least of which was the Tok'ra wardrobe.

The race of desert-dwelling beings were introduced in the SG-1 Season Two episodes, "The Tok'ra," Parts 1 and 2. Now four years old, production thought it was time to give the group a costume update. The tan desert clothing gradually morphed over the earlier episodes of Season Six into this costume, which we are selling this week.

This version of the Tok'ra wardrobe featured a much more elaborate -- not to mention leather -- look and feel, and it carried the race all the way through the end of SG-1 as a series and on into Stargate: Continuum.

This lot includes the jacket, undershirt, cuffs and trousers worn by a Tok'ra officer. Visit the auction by following this link, and be sure to check out throughout the week for a special look at more of the items now on sale, from Atlantis uniforms to computer crystals!

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