'Dreddheads' casts showbiz's finest as future cops

I came across my new favorite Tumblr via Richard McAuliffe's Everything Comes Back To 2000AD blog: Dreddheads, wherein Owen Watts (of such UK small press anthologies as Dr WTF and The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel) regularly posts caricatures dressed in uniform as Mega City One judges, taking his design cues from the 2012 movie version. Sure, your affection for the site will vary based on your knowledge of British comedy, with assorted satirists and sitcom characters prominently featured, but there's plenty of examples familiar to an international audience. Clint Eastwood, whose Dirty Harry Callahan is often cited as a key influence upon Dredd, finds himself included; as does Carlos Ezquerra, the Spanish co-creator of the futuristic lawman.

A nice touch is how he's adapted the uniform to suit the nationality or personality of its wearer. English subjects wear an adaption of the outfit based on the Brit Cit uniform designed by Brendan McCarthy from 1986's Atlantis storyline. Irishmen (including all three leads from the classic sitcom Father Ted) wear one based upon the Emerald Isle costume designed by Steve Dillon in 1991. Both manage to stay true to their comic book antecedents while also fitting into the design ethos of the movie.  Spongebob Squarepants and Doctor Zoidberg both have suitably crustacean-adorned versions.

Watts turns out to be an accomplished caricaturist, with an easy way of capturing likenesses and personality (his gurning Les Dawson is a joy). He has even included a blank helmet and uniform drawing to allow you to have some fun with the template yourself, as well as a button at the bottom that'll allow you to make requests. I'm tempted to send one in for Sylvester Stallone.

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