'Dredd' sequel rumor causes DVD sales spike

Here at ROBOT 6, we're hardened hacks who generally don't get too excited about any old rumor that's doing the rounds, or report it as a news story, but seeing how I really want this one to be true, I'll make an exception. Also, some great art vaguely relating to the story turned up recently, and its too good not to share.

The Facebook group Make a DREDD Sequel posted this over the weekend:


From an UNCONFIRMED SOURCE, it has come to this page's attention that DNA Films will be reviewing the blu-ray/DVD sales of DREDD in the coming weeks and will be deciding whether or not to make a sequel. If this is true, let's show them how much we want that sequel! If you haven't already, please buy the DVD or blu-ray! More news soon!

Of course, this is one anonymous source claiming to have another shadowy even-more-anonymous source, and as such should be taken with a double-sized pinch of salt. Who knows what vested interests are at work here, seeking to further their own agendas. Or then again, this could be completely true.  Anyway, this has been enough to spark something of a spike in sales of the Dredd DVD. This was posted the next day:

US fans: We've jumped from #260 to #35 on Amazon in under a day.

As of writing, it had climbed slightly higher, to No. 32. It's also returned to No. 1 in Amazon's U.K. chart. So, to repeat, we've no idea how true this rumor is, but it has certainly had a real world effect. Even if this story doesn't pan out, well, it has managed to shift quite a few units of a cool little B-movie.

The above accompanying image is a picture, also posted on Facebook over the weekend, this time by legendary 2000AD artist Brendan McCarthy. I've always been a sucker for what has come to be known as Kirby As A Genre, and this is a great example. McCarthy has always been known as something of a Ditko acolyte, but he clearly is capable of doing a fair impersonation of that other founding father of the House of Ideas.

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