<i>Dredd</i> Director Pete Travis Frozen Out Of Film's Editing Process?

Shooting on director Pete Travis' Judge Dredd reboot, Dredd, finished earlier this year, but things have changed quite a bit during the post-production days. The word is that Travis has been severed from the production, with no involvement now as the film is edited together.

This is all according to sources close to the production, speaking anonymously to the Los Angeles Times. At least three people close to the film indicate that writer Alex Garland is now handling things in the editing bay, and that he may eventually pursue a co-director credit on the film. It's not clear exactly what Travis did to fall out of the producers' graces, but it apparently had something to do with a disagreement over the "footage [he] was delivering."

No decision will be made about Garland's credit until the film's 2012 release is closer. From the sound of things though, Dredd is going to end up being a shared vision no matter what the credits say in the end.

Update: Travis and Garland released a joint statement this afternoon responding to the LA Times report:

"During all stages of the filmmaking, Dredd has been a collaboration between a number of dedicated creative parties. From the outset we decided on an unorthodox collaboration to make the film. This situation has been misinterpreted. To set the record straight, Pete was not fired and remains a central part of the collaboration, and Alex is not seeking a co-director credit. We are all extremely proud of the film we have made, and respectfully suggest that it is judged on viewing when its released next year."

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