DreamWorks Revives Colin Trevorrow's Time-Travel Adventure

DreamWorks Pictures has dusted off one of Colin Trevorrow's old scripts, a time-travel adventure called "Stealing Time."

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Pixels" and "This Means War" writer Tim Dowling will pen a new draft of Trevorrow's screenplay, which was picked up about seven years ago by Columbia Pictures. Trevorrow, who directed the hit "Jurassic World" and was announced in July to helm "Star Wars: Episode IX," will executive produce.

The story centers on a scientist who escapes into the past to protect his time machine, forcing his son and grandchild to rebuild the device in the present in an attempt to rescue him, even as they flee criminals determined to exploit crime travel.

DreamWorks CEO Michael Wright is reportedly looking for projects that evoke the tone of the some of the Amblin Entertainment films of the 1980s. "Stealing Time" appears to fit the bill.

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