DreamWorks Pulls into the Lead in <i>Need For Speed</i> Movie Race

Electronic Arts knows it has a good thing in its Need For Speed video game franchise. With nearly 20 games in the series since its 1994 debut on the PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn and 3DO, Need For Speed has gone on to become the bestselling, most popular racing game series in video games, making it an obvious choice for a film adaptation.

That's exactly what's going on right now as various studios vie for the right to make a film, with DreamWorks taking the lead, Deadline reports. Real Steel screenwriter John Gatins will produce the screenplay written by his brother George if all goes as planned. John worked with DreamWorks on last year's Real Steel, so that will hopefully make for smooth sailing on the project if DreamWorks does in fact win the bidding war.

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